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    Obama's Speech

    Link for those who missed it
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    DACA Process [Timelines]

    I just got approved!! Yay I'm so happy! I'm doing the Carlton dance right now! Lol!! App send on oct 31 App received on nov 5 Bios done on dec 6 I821D approved on jan 29 I765 approved on jan 29
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    Hi I'm Armando

    Hi everyone. It's very encouraging to go through these forums, and see so many peers that have fought against the odds as undocumented youths like myself. I stumbled onto this site after searching to see if anyone else's DACA application has been taking too long to get approved. I'm glad that I'm not alone in this, though it's a little disheartening to learn that some people have been waiting far longer than me and still haven't heard anything. Anyway, my name is Armando; I'm 24 years old. An uncle carried me across the Mex/U.S. border and into Phoenix, AZ when I was 4 years old. I'd always been aware of my status as an undocumented immigrant, but it hit me hardest when I was in high school. Between the student exchange programs, summer trips to Germany, and university offers that I could never take advantage of, I was crushed. It felt like I was up against the entire world. At the least, I was determined to get attend college like any native student might do. After getting fake work credentials, I worked throughout my high school years, saving as much as I could. Even so, I had to spend 2 years at a community college before I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for my last 3 years of study. I relied on a few private scholarships, and practically obliterated my life savings, but I obtained my B.S. in computer science in May 2012. It's kind of ironic, I was the valedictorian for my graduating class, and I gave a speech about engineers' responsibility to better society. Yet, I'm the only one who's life has remained stagnant since graduating. All of my friends have careers and fuller lives. Luckily, my siblings were all born in the U.S. (I'm the oldest), so they don't have to face these difficulties. Still, I can't help but feel a little jealous to see them get their driver's licenses, receive FAFSA support and go off to study in New York. I'm glad to have found a place to vent, and share these things. And I'm overjoyed at the opportunity presented by DACA, though I wish things would move along. My one regret as a DREAMer, is that I was silent while so many others, much braver than me, raised their voices through non-violent protest. DACA is still a far cry from allowing us to fully realize ourselves as Americans, but it's a hard won step along the way, possible thanks to the courage of youths like the ones on these forums.
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    I would like to be roadrunner MD work for a low income clinic and travel the world w the love of my life
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    i was wondering if any of you know or are some of the few who have been denied? i'm really curious. i'm nervous also, i've been waiting since Oct 29 (the day i went for my fingerprints) to hear from them but nothing....
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    Obama's Speech

    How many of you are going to watch obama's immigration reform speech??? I'm definitely interested on what he has to say, I hope he does something for all of us immigrants! Fingers crossed
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    Hello From California!

    Just wanted to say Hi, Im new to this. I just wanted to share how blessed I feel for getting aprroved
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    Just Got Approved This Evening!!

    I just got approved!! Yay I'm so happy! I'm doing the Carlton dance right now! Lol!! App send on oct 31 App received on nov 5 Bios done on dec 6 I821D approved on jan 29 I765 approved on jan 29
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    Being Positive...

    So my sister made this and sent it to me so I wouldn't be so worried about my application. I put it as my wallpaper on my phone keeps me motivated
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    Being Positive...

    I know! She made my day with this
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    Being Positive...

    How nice of her! And, she is exactly right.
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    Being Positive...

    So cute
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    Do DACA students get financial aid?

    The best thing to do is speak to someone at the school, like the financial aid officer or the dean of student life. From what I heard, they are very nice and they would pull some strings to get you something, specially if they believe you are a bright student.
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    Hello Bahamian From Florida

    I feel us Florida Kids bring some sunshine to the forum!
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    Hello Bahamian From Florida

    Welcome here!! I'm from Florida too! (*¯︶¯*)
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    Fake Identity..(Daca)

    Congrats on your approval, aled, thats awesome! You made me have nore hope on this..
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    Hello From California!

    Thanks you guys! I want everyone who applied to get the great news soon I know how it feels. My sister is still waiting for hers too. It took about 2 months I applied on august 20th and got my work permit on oct. 25 I was shocked how fast it took I honestly thought it would be awhile.
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    Hi I m from california. My application went in on August 20th then got my biometrics appointment on sept. 19 after that I was in the waiting game on oct.25 I got my work permit
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    Thanks y'all. Gonna hit the ground runnin Monday. Social Security then down to the DMV. Then job huntin. Then lookin for the nice lil beater truck with my name on it.
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    Delay On Approvals

    LMAO! And I will be like...
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    Delay On Approvals

    Once my application gets approved and I get that email notification. I will be like .
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    ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

    Hi I am Alejandra

    I never got to introduce myself, so here is me in a little nutshell. I was brought to the United States when I was 9 which means 9 years and 8 months ago. I never wanted to leave the country I only knew, but I had to since we came following my dad because he was already here. I always had that anger towards my mom and would always blame it on them that if I was in mexico I could still have everything I dont have here(stuff that depends on your immigration status) but I got over it and I am thankful now. I am a middle child and the one who took the longest when it came to learning English. After 3 years I got the hang of it. I went on to school and during my senior year I was the only undocumented student in my class it was hard at times but nothing was impossible. When it came time to graduate everybody was planning the big "senior trip" which was to go to the bahamas. My friends knew about my situation but to make me happy and to be together we decided to go to Florida. Story short- I got a scholarship which is full ride even with obstacles and my status in the US. The day I was approved I felt so relief and humble and happy at the same time. Not everybody gets this opportunity. My goals for now are to enroll in college and be a psychiatrist or forensics pathologist.
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    what's your new year resolution?

    LOL I'm dating my best friend of 8 years... Been together for 3 years.
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    I know it's hard to wait patiently, but you'll get yours soon enough! They don't get processed in the order they were received.. good luck to you!!! hang in there! I don't think hardly anyone has been denied so far.. I think only handful of applicants were denied.. You didn't get an RFE, it's good to be in Initial Review. Keep checking everyday and in the meantime, revamp your resume or write cover letters to job postings that you may be interested in. Keep yourself distracted. By the time you get your social security number, you'd be prepared that way.
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    I've always wanted a Pontiac g8 They are soo sexy to me lol & they are fast & not too bad on gas either. This is the exact color I want too. Isn't she pretty? I really hope that I get approved for DACA so I can start working & then get myself this car. IDK how that stuff works though because I probably need credit before I can even get a nice car. I can dream though,right?
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    Your First Car after Deferred Action

    Dude you are just too funny... :'( you got me cracking up with that comment... "that churro bitch" lol lmfao
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    Wow! There's a thing as a fishing license? Wow. That's sooo stupid. I hate that us dreamers are so limited on some of the basic activities that most citizens take for granted. Many blessings with your action...n fishing
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    I have A LOT of plans :b ... but first get my SSN then my CA ID and DL. Get a job. Go to a better college, try to get my AA before transferring to a 4 year institution, then I'm gonna try to get a job in something that relates to my major and a lot more stuff, but i'll see how it goes . Can't wait to get approved and get my EAD!!
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    i would get well the i.d,ssn,DL and after all that put my cars under my real name...lol or maybe start planning my future like go to college or find a job i like! i just cant wait to get everything started right away
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    Haha that sounds awesome Gzuz! I am getting my motorcycle license and getting an apartment with my boyfriend!! :-) Definitely going to a bar every single night just so I can whip out my Mass ID!!!!! OH! And finally putting my company under MY NAME. :-) So happy.
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    Do DACA students get financial aid?

    In RI we do qualify for it.
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    Do DACA students get financial aid?

    Every state and college is different. You need to speak to the financial aid counselors. In tx we qualify for emergency loans only.