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  1. High school diploma, inmunization records, college degree, bank accounts, i think this could affect because we have jose lopez and we have jose francisco lopes martinez So its 2 totally different names
  2. Back to the subject, ive been using my first and last name ever since i was in high school, bills school ids pretty much all the paperwork has my first ad second name but my ead ssc and drivers licence they all have 2 last names. So im technically using 2 diferent names. wouldnt that be an issue ? And since the drivers licence its a proof of id shouldnt i be allowed to have only one last name? We know we are from other countries but i seriously thought this was america ?
  3. I guess, i could live with it. But my picture jesus christ thats the worst picture ever, i was mad as shit and the dmv lady took the picture brcause she was being a biatch, my eyes are closed, i was pissed off, tired of waiting.
  4. Well i didnt put my last name on mine because it doesnt ask for it, anyways i gotta go to dmv tomorrow and get that right!!!
  5. Does anybody else appear to have 2 last names on drivers licence? Is that a mistake ahould i correct it, because neither my brothers or my dads have 2 last names on their licences !
  6. Daca Not Approved

    Its not a requirement but it might work on your favor and speeds up your proccess a little.
  7. Daca Not Approved

    Dude i was delivering a car with expired inspection, cracked windshield,no registration, but i told the officer that i was delivering that car and the other mechanic came to get the car. i only got a ticket for no licence, went to court apparently the officer didnt made the report so my name wasnt on the list. but I got the record anyways to make sure i was straight. You dont have to sent it, is not a requirement but im sure it helps speed up your case. theres no way collections cant get you cuz you dont have a social.
  8. Daca Not Approved

    Yeah you just need your id consular or any if with name and birthday he/she is gonna show a screen and ask you which one is you. Because it shows your name and the car you were driving the day of the incident.
  9. Daca Not Approved

    It depends, thats why you need to get your record first, cuz if check your name birthday and all the info matches, we jiii jaaa what do we got here this guy didnt paid his tickets, we gotta know whats going on RFE if lucky wait another month to get it. you dont neccearelly have to wait 6 to 8 months like i did. You need to prepared your package right man. Dont miss anything from 2007 to 2012 every single paper. If everything goes well youll be approved in 3 to 4 months. I didnt sent mine but i was worried about the ticket i got and i didnt paid so to make sure i was fine, i went to the court got my record it didnt show up, i sent my app i got approved last week got my card today. Good luck man, i hope everything goes well for you !!!
  10. Daca Not Approved

    Lmfao dangg piglets dont let a brother breath, They towed my car too man. But honnestly try to get your record man just to make sure youre straight. It doesnt matter if your illegal the court dont cares about that, but when is about the money, they pull the switch and turn into OG gangstas... Like they said before its okkay to hve 2 tckets, buy you didnt pay them, and the court its all about the money.
  11. Daca Not Approved

    Belive it or not everytime you get a ticket, the cop writes a quick description of you and with your name address and phone number, how tall are you, eye color, tags, inspection date. Read your tickets at least here in virginia no one nobody messes with the law. But ill tell you what sometimes people make mistakes, same thing happened to me. I went to court they didnt call my name i spoke to the officer she check my receipt told me i was fine i could go home. She didnt fill the report, what im trying to say is that you might gotten lucky.
  12. Daca Not Approved

    Get your record first, to make sure if they still there. You can get get it for free at your local courthouse. If nothing shows up youll be good to go cuz remember you didnt pay for them. Just make sure first.
  13. Daca Not Approved

    A lawyer will tell you that you have a 50/50 dont believe that. They just want your money, best thing to do wait for the migratory reform get your paperwork togueter who knows you might even get the residence, unlike a 2 year permit
  14. Daca Not Approved

    Yeah no, dude dont even waste your money, your too hot. It clearly says that no more than 3 tickets, a friend of mine just got denied. He had a tps but he lost his licence due to 2 wreckless tickets, after that he got caught another 3 times driving without a licence. He waited 6 months for a denial.
  15. I gotta find a gringaaa asap and get married. Hahaha