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  4. Cool thanks, I just called mine two days ago, they ask d me for the same form, I sent it and waiting for them. Hopefully it goes on the right way.
  5. No. They don’t need to know. All I did was filled out a form giving them permission to contact USCIS on my behalf. USCIS always reacts quick after a congressional inquiry. So, I was finally approved. And the representative is republican!
  6. For me, it took about two months to get approved maybe a bit more than two months . My work permit was gonna expired on March, but I got it way before my expiration date.
  7. for those who have their 3rd renewal daca approved, how long did it take? for those who have a clean record and nothing outstanding about about their cases. From point A to Z. and did it get approved around the time your work permit was set to expire?
  8. Hey alby when you contacted your congress rep did you tell them about your DUI?
  9. Daca process!

    You should be able to check your case online or you can give them a call and ask, just to make sure
  10. Daca process!

    Also this is my first time filing
  11. Hi, so i'm kinda freaking out because i originally applied for daca back on january of this year. I have not received anything and i don't now what will happen since the deadline is online a couple days away. I Received the receipt notices within a week acouple weeks later the appointment for the biometrics. But since going to the appointment which was back in march i haven't received anything else.i think its been way too long now.has anyone elses case tooken that long?
  12. Congrats alby, I hope we all have the same luck, still waiting here!!
  13. My name is vanessa briana martinez magaña, i applied for daca and my ead and ssn card came but my name on there was Vanessa B Martinez Magana... im just wondering why they only put my middle initial and not full middle name? When i go get my drivers license can i put my full middle name Vanessa Briana martinez magaña? Will it be a problem?? Has anyone had this before?? If so what did you do
  14. DACA

    They were specific about who can still renew, if you try to send it they will send you back your application. I know it was recommended to talk to a lawyer to see if perhaps you have other options, you might qualify for something else you might not. I know there are couple lawyers and organizations doing screenings to see if people who can no longer renew qualify for something else. I would suggest to look into resources that some orgs have provided. United We Dream's website might be able to give you more info on organization near your area. But as of now, let's just hope for the best and continue to push for something more inclusive and clean, without so many amendments that criminalize people.
  15. DACA

    my work permit will expired in march 9 of 2018, is there anything I can do? can I go to my lawyer and try to re-apply and maybe sent some letter from work, or friends?
  16. Alby, Congrats on your approval. How long ago did you receive the similar letter stating that your case was on hold for security check. Also you said you contacted your congresswoman, how did you do that? I am very stressed out that my case is on hold. I live in California and had daca when it first came out. But then I got a dui and waited to reapply until my xpungement was complete. Is your case similar? I sent in my renewal in March this year.
  17. I was finally approved again. I had a DUI, which I expunged.
  18. Behind the scenes on DACA

    Come join us guys for questions faster replies. Finger cross for good news.
  19. Introduction Please join us. I will answer questions!
  20. I got the same thing. It is just some random response. I wouldn't pay attention to it. I contacted my congresswoman and I got an RFE. Now, hopefully waiting for an approval.
  21. Call the 1800 num ask what kind of sec checks, if they know. What can we do from here, the woman i spoke to said something like we can send a request every 30 days so can we submit another one because this is really important and this delay is causing me all kinds of problems matter of fact let me speak to your supervisor lol idk alex thats what i would do lol this is killing me
  22. Interesting. Have no idea, maybe a background check? Idk taking a guess
  23. Hi everyone After calling USCIS 1800 number and open a request to check the status of my application i received a letter stating the following. The status of this service request is:We have placed your case on a processing hold because the required security checks remain pending. Until we receive the results of these security checks, we cannot move forward on your case. We require the results of security checks before we make a decision on any pending case.We cannot predict when we will receive the results of these security checks. Please be assured that we will make every effort to make a decision in your case as soon as the security checks are complete.We hope this information is helpful to you I sent my application back in the beginning of march 2017. Has anyone heard of this before?
  24. Behind the scenes on DACA

    I totally agree with you. They only play with our life's. We're just some bargaining chip.
  25. Behind the scenes on DACA

    Eh I don't know, this has always been a political game, where they play with the lives of many. Creating this narratives of the "good" vs te "bad" immigrant forcing people to compete and be worthy of simple human rights. Always the same thing with them, "we only want the best, the role model". High expectations that the so called citizens of this nation can't even meet. My parents aren't criminals for having the courage to bring me here, but according to them they don't deserve the right to be here :/ idk I'm just tired to be honest. I'm tired of seeing how our communities are always criminalized. But that's just how I feel :/ I kind of needed to vent tbh :/ this whole political climate is so irritating
  26. Behind the scenes on DACA
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