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  4. I sent my renewal back in March. I've done my bios. It's been 3 months and nothing. Others with clean records are getting approve really quick. I expire in Dec. i am hoping to get approved soon. Has as anyone else with an expunged DUI been approved since the court injunction?
  5. I filed my DACA application back in June 15th and I just received a notification from USCIS stating that they have received my application. Will update more shortly. June 15th - Filed DACA as "new applicant" June 30th - USCIS notified they received application
  6. So I’m sitting here at 2:30am reading this whole thread because I’ve been wanting to Renew my DACA but I got a DUI back in Sept. 2014, while be on DACA. After it expired in April 2016 I did not renew and have been living without it but now that I graduate college and plan to study in Higher education it’s very hard without DACA. But now I’m motivate to get it expunged and reapply. Any tips ????
  7. I send you a msg I want to know how your case is going!!!
  8. hey guys. just seeking advice. i got a dwi back in 2015. havent renewed because i dont qualify. im thinking of taking a shot and renewing but im afraid ill get denied, and all lawyers tell me not to do it. ive stayed out of trouble and it was the biggest mistake of my life. never thought this would affect me for the rest of my life, and i wasnt even told this would affect my daca. according to the lawyer given to me, she said immigration does not look at misdemeanors. guess she wasnt too educated on DACA. i am in NYC and "expungement" does not exist here. wanted to know has anyone ever gotten approved WITHOUT expunging their case. ive got an associates and currently in the process of pursuing my BSN. (nursing) however i cant do that without any documents. any advice??? thanks!
  9. My DACA

    Hello everybody I have a question and hopefully anyone can help me. I put my DACA application on August 2017, in September 2017 I got my appointment for my finger prints, in the application I didn't put anything for my work history as that worked with other names. I only worked with another name that wasnt mine the ssn and name were real, and I worked with my name but with fake SSN and fake birthdate and I didn't put that on the application. Would that affect me? Is that going to affect me? What should I do? Please if anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  10. sorry, double post

    sorry, double post
  11. I applied for advanced parole early last year. I got approved and went to Mexico in late April. My wife petitioned for me in July of 2017 (i485 since my i130 was already submitted and approved). In August we got a letter stating that I needed a sponsor because my wife's income was not enough. That same month I went through that "immigration physical" to make sure I had all of my shots and no TB. Mayor tip, don't loose your immunization card because you might end up paying through the nose for shots you may or may not have gotten after high school. I found a school friend that was able to sponsor me and sent back complete documents in September of 2017. On April 10th of 2018 we got the notice an interview date had been selected for my i485 case. My interview date was May 15th, 2018. I received a notice on May 18th that my i485 case was approved and I now have permanent residency for 10 years. Finally!! After being in the U.S since I was 4 years old, I have my permanent residency. I will update my timeline later but feel free to ask me any questions regarding advanced parole and any of the processes that follow. Again, if it weren't for this site that answered many of my questions when I first applied for DACA back in 2012, none of this would be possible. Thanks you to everyone that answered my dumb questions and everyone that is on here sharing the knowledge about these processes to the masses.
  12. Were you able to get it approved for renewal again? I am currently going through the similar as well. My original DACA expired back in 2014 and I tried renewing, but was denied due to DUI. So, I just recently got my DUI expunged and trying to reapply for DACA again, but not as a "renewal" but as an "initial applicant" since my original expired more than 2 years ago. After reading your thread previously that you were able to get approved after DUI expungement, it gave me hope! I reached out to few lawyers and they were sure that I was going to get denied again so I was hesitant. I'm not sure if I should answer "Yes" or "No" for the question asking if I have EVER been arrested for, charged with any significant misdemeanor.. Any help please?
  13. Hello Everyone, First, sorry for bumping this thread but I am in a situation where I’m not quite sure how to go forward. I am currently residing in NY where expungement is not an option. I’ve made a mistake in 2016 by receiving a DUI pleading guilty to DWAI. I’ve completed all the necessary classes and paid all the fines. My current EAD expires in September 2018 and I’ve submitted a renewal application via the immigration attorney. Few days ago, I’ve received two letters from USCIS asking me to call them to verify my demographic information. I’m afraid to verify any information as I feel like they will come pick me up. Could you guys kindly advise on how I should go forward with this situation? Thank you all in advance!
  14. Anyone still trying to renew despite the court challenges?
  15. DACA Renewal with expunged DUI

    I had a problem with my DACA's and I looked for some lawyers who handle and advise about this, I know from experience of people who are taking advice, they are not doing well, on the website you can contact and I assure you that you will get information you need, and the decision if you want them to help you in everything is another matter, exhaust that alternative.
  16. I requested a new employment card due a misplacement and the expiration date changed. Did the DACA date changed too or have a different date? If so how do I have to renew?
  17. Renewing DACA 2018

    You should be fine sis applied in Feb. because her’s expired in march and she got approved a few weeks ago.
  18. So I naively applied for a job in Alaska because I've always wanted to go but now that I got the job, I have a problem. I have looked up on the web and it says that i need advanced parole to travel to hawai and Alaska, but I have seen people in other forums saying that they traveled to Hawaii Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories without advanced parole just with a license. But those people all went before 2015, I was wondering has anyone traveled out of the continental U.S. starting 2017? I am afraid to go and then they wont let me back into the country
  19. Renewing DACA 2018

    I just sent my renewal yesterday . My DACA expires in late August 2018. I will use this forum to update and let you guys know my renewal process after the court allowed for renewals to keep being accepted while the matter is litigated in court. Simply praying.
  20. Wow, just saw the post, that’s awesome.. hopefully you get your daca back. I was waiting for my work permit and was getting worried because I got all the other paperwork from them but that and today I got a call from my attorney that they got it there, for some reason they sent it to her.
  21. I received a text then I received the letter of termination. I contacted ACLU they just want a case against the current administration. I"m just waiting to see if I qualify and receive my DACA once again for 60 days so I can do a renewal.
  22. Thanks Vic! This whole process sucks and takes too long to settle. Well I’ve googled expungements in Texas and aparantly they don’t expunge DWI in Texas if convicted which is not good news for me, but I’ll talk to an attorney to see if that is true or if I have other options. Thanks again for taking the time to help me.
  23. I had the same process, I went to jury trial on my case and was found guilty. I just waited paid my classes and the fees after a year and a half I applied for early termination of probation and like you I didn’t have any other problems with the law they granted it, right after I applied for expungement and was granted. My immigration attorney told me that I should of pleaded guilty and finish everything sooner so that not too much time passes since daca expiration but I was scared that was gonna affect me so I went all out fighting it. The good thing about expungement is that they actually change the guilty pleas into NOT GUILTY which is the must for immigration., if I were you I would try to finish you case as soon as possible and expunge as soon as you’re elegible. When they do the fingerprints it’s gonna come out and I wouldn’t want to risk it. There’s too much at stake.
  24. Thanks Alex! Not what I wanted to hear but I expected I would have to wait for my case to be settled. Just thought someone would have had a similar experience. I have tried to talk to lawyers but they are hounds lol very expensive even to just ask questions and with paying a attorney for my DWI I’m in no position to give out money lol. Thanks again Alex! You gave me something else to consider before I make up my mind.
  25. Eddy, I understand how you feel. From my experience, one of the lawyers I spoke with stated there is possibility to be renewing while your charges are pending. However if you send your renewal in now there's not guarantee it will be reviewed any time soon and if you get charge with the dui while your application is in review they can deny you. If your DACA has expired for longer than 6 months you have to renew as if it is an initial request. I advise you to consult with a experience lawyer or wait to see the outcome of your case. In my case I got charged with a misdemeanor dui. Did everything asked by the court (paid fees and dui classes) waited 2 years of my 3 year probation and request an early probation termination which was granted and than file for my expungement.
  26. Hello everyone, I could really use some help with my current situation. The quick version, I got a DWI almost 3 years ago and I’m still fighting my case. My DACA expired 2 years ago and I’m losing my patience with how long this case is going. I am a recent Civil Engineering graduate and this is really holding me back. I have no prior arrest or misdemeanor of any sort and never been in trouble with law enforcement. I have court on May 15 but I’m not entirely sure if this will be when it gets settled. Well my questions to anyone who can give me some advice is this, with my pending DWI should I renew my DACA or since my charge is pending would that discualify me? I have contemplated sending my paper work but I’m unsure of the outcome. If anyone can help me in any way I’ll greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks
  27. Congratulations guys I have a hope to get approve too. I am just a little annoyed, my lawyer has not send my paper work. But I have till May 11, 2018. Wish me luck guys.
  28. Congratulations Alex.. well worth the wait. Time to breathe... I just got a call from my congress rep asking me if I got the notifications and to congratulate me. I feel awesome right now
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