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  1. Daca timeline

    Every case is different, it can take a month or more to get a decision. I would send the renewal package as soon as possible.
  2. DUI to DACA to Greencard

    That was quick, congratulations!
  3. Renting & housing

    You should be able to without issues. Every place has it's own set of rules, you would have to call and ask the landlord, building manager, etc.
  4. DACA Renewal 2018

    Hopefully something more permanent is passed, a conditional green card would be amazing.
  5. Renewals are open once again for 2018! Many people with low income might need support to pay for the renewal and there are plenty of places that help to pay for it without having to pay it back. Websites such as DACA Fee Assistance Grant Program will send a check (IF Approved) payable to USCIS. They usually contact you within 48 hours with a decision. You have nothing to lose! Apply now if you need the support.
  6. DACA Renewal 2018

    Hello everyone! We received amazing news yesterday, everyone who already has DACA can continue to renew their EAD. Unfortunately, it is only to renew, they won't be taking new applicants. https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/deferred-action-childhood-arrivals-response-january-2018-preliminary-injunction We don't know how long this is going to open for renewals, attorneys keep asking everyone to send their renewals now, no matter the 120 days. Take advantage of this open window and send in your forms!
  7. Your dream job!

    Have you been able to get your dream job after DACA? If yes, please do share your experience and how you achieved it. Any flight attendants? Domestic flights or International with AP?
  8. Did you send proof of graduation from High School or GED? Seems like that was missing. You can reapply.
  9. Welcome Spanish, Are you having issues posting in the forums? All I see is spam from you. Note: Your account has been flagged as spammer. If you're not a spammer, please PM me.
  10. You'll get it stamped and signed before you leave.
  11. Lost My Work Permit And Ssn

    No, call your local police station and ask them to send someone to make a report. Or just go to your local police department.
  12. Lost My Work Permit And Ssn

    You first have to make a police report and then unfortunately, apply for a replacement card which cost the same as renewing. Then after getting the new EAD, you can go to the SS Office and get a new ssn card.
  13. "request For Evidence"

    There's no exact time to be honest, but most of the time two weeks. It can take more than that.
  14. This is strange, but I'm glad you made sure about it. Don't miss it and keep us updated!