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  1. Immigration Push

    we are ready!
  2. I Need Help. (Lawyer(

    He said I am bound by contract, even if I don't do any forms or anything, to continue paying him every month.
  3. I Need Help. (Lawyer(

    Well I talked to him yesterday & explained to him that it wasn't fair that I was being charged the $2,800+ "fee" because he didn't ever file any forms for me or represent me in anything but he swore up and down & was quite upset with me & said that I signed an agreement & that the agreement says that I have to pay that money to him & he has the right to not refund the money to me. So basically, I am stuck in this predicament paying him. I am scared to keep pushing & maybe have him try to get me in trouble. At this point I am thinking maybe just keep paying him & let it be. It sucks because it's a lot of money to give for free, basically. I've been so upset since yesterday. I have no idea what to do. This is why I haven't even had the money for my DACA app is because I've had to pay him every month almost $200 & thats basically all my "spare" money each month. -sigh-
  4. I Need Help. (Lawyer(

    Oh & I forgot to mention that I emailed him & asked him what exactly am I being charged for since he didn't do any representation etc & he simply emailed me back saying that I signed a service agreement to pay $2750 in fees & that contract binds me to have to pay for it.
  5. I Need Help. (Lawyer(

    Thank you ladies. I don't know how to upload files here otherwise I would upload a copy of the contract. But it says "All fees are none refundable" & under the Total: $2750 + filing fees + costs. It is written just like that. Then under Breach: it says that Client's termination of contract does not end payment obligations hereunder. ( we had worked together a deal where we'd pay him certaina mount per month until it was paid off) but I thought this contract was done for since he agreed to change it to a DACA case. This is so stressful.
  6. I Need Help. (Lawyer(

    So many of you know I had got a lawyer last year in Oct to try to file through my husband but then we never filed anything (no forms,no meetings no interviews etc). We didn't get any attention from our lawyer to get the process going. So then, we asked him to switch it over to a DACA case because the forms are cheaper etc. We figured later on we can apply through him when I am working so we have enough $$. But....plans fell through with that & we haven't had the money because of problems with one of our vehicles. We never met in office to talk about this & we never filed any forms or did anything for this either. We already had a credit from the previous case (money that wasn't used on the case) and I decided to just end our contract because I wasn't getting answers to anything I wanted help with & it seemed like nothing was happening. I wasnt going to give him my information & money if they didn't answer my questions first. At the time of cancelling I asked for the $480 credit that he told me I had and he just wrote me back today & refused to give it to me & says that I still owe him the monthly payments that we agreed on in the first case (the case that was cancelled & we moved on to the DACA). Anybody know if this is right? I feel almost cheated right now. They never represented me in anything & they never did anything for me! What do I do? I just want some advice. I read our agreement & it says that clients termination of contract doesnt end the payments obligations. But if they didn't do anything for me, do I really have to still pay that money? :'( please help. I am so stressed out right now.
  7. Still haven't come up with the $$ for my application. :(

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    2. EL_Aviles


      well sell tamales youll make 500 in 1 day or two my family friends sells them , they make big b ucks

    3. Santi


      Do a fund raiser online - people will contribute...If you do and share it here...I could help you out...http://www.gofundme.com/online-fundraising/

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      @El_Aviles hahaha clear enough

      @santi genious

  8. How Do I Get A Itin Number?

    My husband wants to claim me in his taxes as a dependent this year but I do not have a SSN or anything. I read that he could do it if I have a ITIN. How do I get that? What would I need?
  9. finally... approved !

  10. Happy New Year everyone!

  11. online dating

    I met my husband online. We talked on phone & Skyped etc then met in person & later got married.
  12. so wait...

    No cellphone bill under my name. It was on my brothers name but we cut that line when I got married & got a new line with my husband in Nov 2011. I didn't volunteer anywhere or work anywhere. I was just at home babysitting my nieces and nephews every day. I didn't finish high school,didnt attend college,or anything so i really have no hard proof at all. I didn't go to a hospital at all. Only thing I have is my immunizations & high school transcripts but as I said I didn't even finish high school so it's only a few years.
  13. so wait...

    nope no bank account,didn't go to the doctor cause I didn't have insurance. Didn't rent an apartment cause I lived with family members for "free". & I didn't any bills either. :/
  14. so wait...

    Thank you! I don't have much "evidence" from 2008-2011 (up until the day I got married) because I stayed low key. I didn't work,didn't go to school or anything. I have my paypal transactions & emails that I sent during that time but idk that is good enough. :/