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  1. Feeling Guilty :(

    Hey its been a little more than 3 months now, i know what you mean. Any luck with finding a job?
  2. yay! my sister got approved! :)

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    2. erika22


      Congrats to your sister!

    3. msminci


      Congrats to your sister!

    4. aliciadreamcatcher


      Thanks! :D Finally we can go out there withOUT any fear man it feels GOOD!

  3. [Free]Federal & State Tax Filling

    Thank you!
  4. I'm Gio The New Guy

  5. 3 Months And Still Jobless =[

    Thank you for your words of encouragement Hoping for the best Thank you
  6. 3 Months And Still Jobless =[

    I hope not, I try to dress nice. I dont know. Thanks.
  7. 3 Months And Still Jobless =[

    Since day one I have been applying and I have gone to a few interviews but did not get the job. I wish I were better at these things, Lack of experience I have only worked at fast food places. So I do not have any retail experience. But I won't lose hope, Im trying my best.
  8. Yes, it is possible!

    1. Santi


      you can do it!

    2. engineer2mike


      Yeah ! You can do it!

  9. Hello From California!

    thank you
  10. Hello From California!

    Thanks you guys! I want everyone who applied to get the great news soon I know how it feels. My sister is still waiting for hers too. It took about 2 months I applied on august 20th and got my work permit on oct. 25 I was shocked how fast it took I honestly thought it would be awhile.
  11. How Long Did You Wait In California??!!!!!

    Hi I m from california. My application went in on August 20th then got my biometrics appointment on sept. 19 after that I was in the waiting game on oct.25 I got my work permit
  12. Hello From California!

    Just wanted to say Hi, Im new to this. I just wanted to share how blessed I feel for getting aprroved