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  1. Daca ends august 2018

    I recently saw on the news that the Supreme Court stopped that law that Jeff Sessions placed in to dismiss DACA renewals. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/26/supreme-court-rejects-trump-request-to-weigh-in-quickly-on-dreamers-424305 Keep searching, but I believe this is current
  2. DACA Fee Assistance Grant Program

    Thanks Rawf!!
  3. Renting & housing

    Yeah you should be able, you should do a bit of research before renting on a lease or a contract, they have different formats for renting apts ( year, bi-year and monthly), also from my knowledge sometimes people ask if you have bank accounts or some check credit card scores as well. I wish you the best of luck!! Let us know how it goes
  4. I go to university in California and I can't apply to loans as opposed to citizens, however there are other entities (private) that can give you loans.
  5. "request For Evidence"

    You should have received a biometrics apointment to take your fingerprints. And if you sent two passport photos on your application you don't need any additional ones.
  6. Financial Aid

    In which state do you live ? perhaps the state that you live might have some sort of tuition aid...
  7. Hello everyone ?! How's everyone doing ?

    1. roadrunner11


      Good :) it has been 2 years almost. I sent my renewal last week.

  8. Need Help With College

    well I know that California has the California Dream Act, I believe other states have their own dream act as well, not sure if New England does. I think New York was offering something not so sure. Your other alternative is to apply at Scholarships.
  9. Need Help With College

    where are you trying to attend college ?
  10. Hello Everyone, Anybody applied for 2013-2014 California Dream Act and is ready to re-apply for 2014-2015 ? Let me know any difference. I'm going to apply for 2014-2015 soon and wanted to see is the application is different. I just started and it asked me "If I had obtained a Social Security Number" and "Did you obtain your social security number after the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) granted you Deferred Action status and you received an Employment Authorization Card? etc, etc
  11. Financial Aid After Approval

    you can apply for California Dream Act, which is similar to Financial Aid but for undocumented students.
  12. [Free]Federal & State Tax Filling

    I was checking out the website just now and I read that there are "annual eligibility requirements" Do you which those are ? I'm interesting in applying through this tax season coming up. Thanks,
  13. [Free]Federal & State Tax Filling

    Is getting your ITIN decommissioned similar to a rescind ? because I sent them mail rescinding my ITIN but I never got anything back. Would you recommend going to the IRS ?
  14. Renewing Daca Applications