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  1. Thoughts On Obama's Executive Order...

    I never said he should directly do so but he had promised to help work towards that direction. Please read carefully and also I'd respect you more if you could spell correctly Threw and greatful? really? I was just asking other people's opinions for starters and I am personally of the opinion that he didn't strive hard enough towards the direction of greater change.
  2. Renewal Processing Times

    And yes you do have to go in for biometrics again. Same process. You receive a biometrics date shortly after sending in your app!
  3. Renewal Processing Times

    I applied back in August 23 or so for the renewal (which was about 120 days before my last DACA to expire - it expires in December something). I just got approved again on November 17th or something. I checked online so I dunno when it actually got approved but it was all pretty smooth and fast!
  4. I remember when Obama had more details regarding the immigration reform... There were two things I recall; he said he would work on DREAMers' path to legalization (there were detailed descriptions of the possible bill - after a couple years of Green Card you get to apply for citizenship) and he also promised that workers integral to America - like the farmers - would also have an opportunity to walk the path to eventual legalization. His executive order doesn't even scratch the surface in my opinion. While the republicans and conservatives are enraged, I feel like he didn't deliver at all. Sure, it's a step in the right direction but I feel almost betrayed. Shouldn't the DREAMers who pursue education and work to better America get first priority? Why are some liberals hailing him as acting alone to bring on something so radical? It's not radical enough after all of the promises that he's made in the past. Sure, congress is to blame as well but I'm just angry in general. For DREAMers, his executive order was a mere extension to more DACA eligible people. For us, who have already qualified and have DACA, his executive order doesn't do shit. I'm honestly saddened by this. What were your thoughts?
  5. Oh yea, even renewals.. Don't forget to add along with your I-765 form and I-765 WS: a copy of your I-94 if you have any a copy of your approved I-765 from last time (I also included a copy of my EAD card just in case as well) and two passport photos (white background)
  6. Yes I realize that but I specifically asked if I should put "None" or "Unlawful Status" or "Approved for DACA" (if you hadn't noticed.. all of those choices express and acknowledge the fact that I'm not given a legal status....... that obviously wasn't the question ) oh man oh man.
  7. Hello! I haven't been here in awhile.. Been busy since approval! Now it is time for those of you who got approved early to RENEW! 120 days before your last approval expires. Mine expires on 12/12/2014 so I'm starting today to fill out the forms. Luckily, we are exempted from filling out all of those tedious portions and proof that we had to submit for initial review!! Hallelujah!! As some of you already know, the renewal form/directions are different (YAY we don't have to fill a bunch of sections ) It is such a rip off though, I've got to say that we have to pay that darned $465 dollars... AGAIN. Those of you who are starting the renewal process, I found this link helpful, to just double check that you are doing things right on the I821D form: http://www.dreamersare.us/2014/06/completed-latest-uscis-form-i-821d.html I have a question about Item 15 on I-765 (This is a question about RENEWAL of the work permit) 15. Current Immigration Status (visitor, student, etc) Do I put 'Approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals' or 'unlawful status' or 'none' as before (when I first applied for it I had put 'none')??? Thanks for reading and I hope you guys find my link helpful! <3
  8. in my opinion, (not based on any actual knowledge..) Unless you have a misdemeanor related to illegal possession of marijuana (which you probably don't since you have the card, unless you got in trouble prior to getting the card), I doubt they will look into people having a medical card. I don't think you should be worried!
  9. Check Your DACA Case Status

    aw man they suck!!! You are still waiting? Why won't they do it in the order it was received?! It's not really fair.. Hang in there!
  10. I know it's hard to wait patiently, but you'll get yours soon enough! They don't get processed in the order they were received.. good luck to you!!! hang in there! I don't think hardly anyone has been denied so far.. I think only handful of applicants were denied.. You didn't get an RFE, it's good to be in Initial Review. Keep checking everyday and in the meantime, revamp your resume or write cover letters to job postings that you may be interested in. Keep yourself distracted. By the time you get your social security number, you'd be prepared that way.
  11. Did you sign up for the notification by email and text as well? I had received my receipt within 1-2 weeks after sending my application.. (see my signature for exact dates..) Check your email too if you had signed up for the notification (check spam mail folder and everything!) If you have the email, they give you a receipt number in it and from there you can put that number on USCIS website to check your status.. Also, if you hadn't received anything in the mail or email, check if your payment has been received (hopefully you paid with a check? then the status of whether it was received or not would show up in your statement..). Regardless, you should just call USCIS and ask, it is really late. You should have gotten your notice for biometrics already.
  12. Social Networks

    only instagram : punnysang
  13. I Feel So Close But Yet So Far.......

    It's okay! It's easier in California though. Even if you tell someone that you are undocumented, people are more receptive here than in other states. When I was in high school, I told my closest friends and they did not judge any differently. But I know how it feels not being able to get around or be able to get a permit or a driver license when everyone seems to be getting one as soon as they are able to.. I was angsty about it too as a teenager but you grow out of it! You are almost there. You are lucky to be getting this reprieve when you are teenager. It sucked even more when I had graduated from college and still could not drive or work legally because I felt like every single one of my friends were moving ahead of me and I was stuck in a rut, rather involuntarily!!!... So cheer up!
  14. DACA Process [Timelines]

    Yes, it changes to Decision from Initial Review. There isn't anything in between, unless you get an RFE (Request for Evidence)! Keep checking! I hope you hear back soon.