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  1. Cdl

    Hanybody with deferred action has been able to get a CDL? I NEED ONE SO BAD, I LIVE IN NC.
  2. It Took 2 Weeks For My I9 To Clear..

    Everybody needs to fill an i9 after hired. Everybody...your employer will give it to you to fill it it out..
  3. I almost loose my first legal dream job because of the mess EVERIFY has on their database.. My Numbers didnt match with their data, had to go through a more detailed verification, going back and forward with my companys HR like 4 times, alsp they gave me a deadline to fox the issue. I had to call EVERIFY department with a case number hr gave me to do all the employment verification manually. After all the mess, finally, everything cameback good and now im a SELLS REPRESENTATIVE with krispy kreme doughtnut. Just wanted to share, hopefully none of u have to deal with all this...
  4. I would start from scratch if I was you. Open a couple secured credit cards, wait a year and get the money back. If you make payments on time, you will have great credit in no time. Dont worry about previous mess..
  5. Cir Paths Visualized...must Read!!!

    So if i get earn income credit right now because I have a daughter, that means I have to pay that money back? Im confused..
  6. You still need to go to social security office and get a new one with the same number. The newer one should say ( for working porpuses only ) Do it! , it takes about an hour to get rhis done.
  7. Got my license renewed today guys. I used the printout, my social was issued on the 30th of april and got the printout on the 2.of may. I went straight to the ncdmv with the printout, passed my vision and and signs test, payed $4 and got out woth my license!! The social secirity card still needs to arrived.. Thanks guys.
  8. I requested a social yesterday but was put on hold also because of the same bs. By next monday it should clear and then my application for a social will go through..and then I have to wait 2 weeks to get it.
  9. Thanks guys. I just cameback from social severity office and found out that i have to wait 10 days until they update immigration info on my case. Once it updates, i can request the number.
  10. I just wanted to know if it is possible. I need to renee my license as a possible because im going out of state in 2 weeks. I just got my employment authorization today, tomorrow I will go to request a social. Expecting to get a print out next week and then heading to the dmv this possible?
  11. But even then you wont qualify because you did not graduated High School in California man. If I was you, I would take a GED program in California and wait 1 year to qualify for in state tuition. I would give it the try if possible.
  12. Just Want To Vent

  13. The CA dream act is for those who graduated in CA High school only, as far as I know. Therefore, since you graduated in Texas, as an undocumented student, you dont qualify for in state tuituin cost.