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  1. License & IDs by State.

    In California you just show your ead card and give your social securty number and that's all don't even have to show your social securty card
  2. So I was wondering if any of you notice this but what I've seen around me is that most people around me that have been accepted their social securty starts with an 8 is that just the way it is now or are they making ours start with an 8 for a reason or any of you start with 6 like any other resident it citizen?
  3. Passed Driving Test!

    Any advice on what to study the most in the booklet? Congrats
  4. Is He Approved?????

    Thank you all best if luck now I hope I'm next :/
  5. Is He Approved?????

    He send it all November 15th Did his fingerprints December 19th Got an RFE February 13th Send in all paperwork may 5th Got approved may 13th Applied for social securty may 20th Got social number may 21st Applied for I'd and drivers test may 21st Social pending Drivers license pending California I'd pending
  6. Waiting Since November Anyone Else -___-???

    Man this is frasturating everyone around me has been approved even my husbin when he applied with me now all my inlaws just keep asking me what about you and all I say is I have no idea :/
  7. Getting a Driver's License

    Will he have problems with social securty?
  8. Getting a Driver's License

    Did anyone have problems with the name they mest up on my husbands papers they put Jesus parra Hernandez Hernandez when it's just Hernandez once
  9. Waiting since November 17th anyone else please tell me I'm not alone :/
  10. Is He Approved?????

    Yup he got approved for the other one too now the next day so very happy ))
  11. How Long After Rfe Did You Get Approved ??

    My husbin got accepted exactly a week after he sent it
  12. Is He Approved?????

    So my husbin checked his status and it says that his deffered action is approved and on his satus it says dicidion activity what does this meen and on his other one it days intial review ??
  13. Rfe

    Hello just wanted to ask how long will it take to get a response after they receive my rfe? Thanks hopefully I get some answers.......
  14. So how long did it take you guys to get approved after you sent all the papers that where missing ??
  15. Help!!!!

    Do you guys think it makes a difference if you got a lawyer?