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  1. Updates...

    wassup guys? Just sitting here thinking about everything I've done since I got approved... And was wondering how you guys have done? So maybe post things like that here
  2. I never got no interview... That's weird must be something new
  3. Hate this allergies...

    1. Calidreamer


      That makes 2 of us...have you tried children's Allegra?

  4. So I've been reading all this articles about the bill that they will present for immigration... My question is "IN CASE" anything happens and they pass the bill ( hopefully) What happens to us DACA people???!!!!
  5. Senate Immigration Bill Revealed

    It's all confusing... Hopefully they'll give out some more details
  6. Short Documentary-Inocente

    I've seen it before never knew it was nominated... Glad it won! Its really inspiring!
  7. Upstate New York Anyone ?

    Welcome best of luck!
  8. Accepted Accepted Accepted

  9. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

    YAY!!! Congratulations
  10. @Luna hang in there! @Santi you finally got approved? When did this happen? Congratulations!!!
  11. Social Networks

    Follow me on twitter @Jayhcruz ill follow you guys back
  12. College Scholarships

    There is no "dream act" Do you mean "DACA"???