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  1. Here's my Timeline: App Sent: 1/25/2015 Bio Appointment: 2/20/2015 (As scheduled) Approved on: 2/26/2015 Waiting on the card, should be here next week. Pretty speedy process I would say, at least in my case.
  2. Funny story, so my EAD expired on the 25th of February and I just got approved for renewal on the 26th of February. Luckily I didn't loose my job or anything. Overall my renewal from the time I sent my application only took one month. Now, I just have to wait for my card so that I can renew my dl.
  3. Omg Finally Approved !!

    Congratulations! Still can't believe that some Dreamers who filed their applications on October of last year still haven't been approved.
  4. Daca Case Reopened??

    Great!...more shit to worry about. If they can do that, then non of us are in the clear yet. I'm so tired of this immigration stuff. I just want to live my life...in PEACE!
  5. Cir Paths Visualized...must Read!!!

    "If you spent more than 60 consecutive days unemployed you will not be eligible to reapply for RPI" I wonder who put that language in the bill. If that ridiculous language stays in the bill, many people who want to reapply for Registered Provisional Immigrant status will be chopped-off and will be forced to go back into the shadows. That is somewhat of an unfair and unusual punishment denying people visas based on their current employment status. What if there's an other economic slow down or worse yet a recession? That would be beyond our control, of course that provision doesn't apply to the Dreamers but I really don't like it.
  6. September Applications

    Many Dreamers submitted their applications between the months of September and October more than any other months, that's probably one of the reason why some people from September and October haven't been approved yet, but May will probably be the last month for Dreamers from September and October to be waiting.
  7. The Social Security Administration have to verify your information with USCIS before generating a Social Security number for you, that might be the reason why there's a slight delay. I waited about a week before going to the SS Administration to apply for a Social Security number and it took a week to receive my card.
  8. Yes, its possible depending on your state law. In Georgia for example, you must have the physical social security card with you to get a license. You should go to your state DMV website to see the requirements or give them a call.
  9. Boston Bombing Discussion

    Alex Jones and Glen Beck are idiots, they are just a bunch of f*cked-up conspiracy theorist!
  10. What happened in Boston will not derail immigration reform in anyway, call me naive but its not going to happen!
  11. Boston Bombing Discussion

    I just realize that I didn't answer to the questions that the ADMIN provided. I didn't feel anything when it happened nor did I think anything of it, i felt bad for the victims, but honestly I felt a whole lot worse when those 20 kids at Newtown were massacred. What happened in Texas this week with the fertilizer plant explosion is a whole lot worse than what happened in Boston but for some reason this country is obsessed with terrorism and they forgot about Texas. I really don't want to speculate on what the motive was, I just want to wait for the facts to come out. ...but let me just comment about what took place on Friday. It's ridiculous that they would shut the whole city down for 24 hours and bring in almost every cop, FBI and National guards in the northeast looking for a 19 year old kid who is hungry, thirsty, Injured and loosing blood... that was just over the top and really pathetic, but I'm glad they got him alive. Just my opinion!
  12. Boston Bombing Discussion

    I'm somewhat controversial when it comes to the topic of terrorism and violence, and I love it. The biggest terrorist in the world is the United States of America, no question about it! What happened in Boston is tragic and there's no excuse for it, but let's get real for a moment. What do you say to the one MILLION Iraqis who lost their lives for nothing or the 1.5 MILLION Vietnamese who died in the Vietnam war? And not to mention the infamous Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that wiped out 250.000 or more people in an instant and many more suffered lingering effects of the bomb. The United States have been terrorizing the world for past century, and the number of innocent people this country have killed is mind blowing. The Boston tragedy is horrible, no innocent life deserve to be taken recklessly regardless of where they live or which god they pray to. Every life is equal in value and no life is more important than the other. No act of violence is excusable and that sure as hell goes for the United States as well. Terrorism breeds terrorism and violence breeds violence and for as long as this country continues to wage reckless and worthless wars on other nations, people will rebel and the result will not be pretty. We don't know yet the motives behind the Boston attack but whatever the motive is we should stop the hate and the stereotypes...and for god sake stop the drone war!
  13. When things like this happens, people in this country turn into complete idiots. I've been reading tons of comments and posts on many social networks sites and I can't believe how racist, stupid and completely irrational people are. Some jackasses are trying to turn this tragedy into a political debate about immigration and some others are blaming Russians and Muslims for this tragedy. The news media on the other hand is over speculating about things that they don't know. The stupidity of many people in this country is what brought us the Iraq war and all of its unconstitutional laws like the Patriot-Act. I'm just going to watch all the nonsense that will be coming out of the media in the coming days. The racist right wingers are not going to derail immigration reform again, i'm fed up with them!
  14. Entire Senate Bill Text Released

    The bill was submitted to the Senate Judiciary committee first for some hearings and I believe the hearings are scheduled for Friday and some other hearings to follow thereafter. I don't know when exactly the bill would be sent to the Senate floor for debates, but it could be sometimes in May...hopefully.
  15. If you're going through hell, keep going and if you encounter new problems, eat them for breakfast. Don't ever loose hope.