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  1. Well first of all congrats on all your accomplishments!! I know what you mean, I tried really hard in school (high school) to be the top student in my class because I wanted to go to a 4-year university right after High School and then during my junior year I found out what being undocumented really meant :/ I knew I was undocumented, but didn't know what that implied. I just knew I couldn't go back to Mexico and that I couldn't get a driver's license other than that I didn't know there was more to it. My family would always tell me "it's okay mija just say you're a citizen" so I thought that that's how I was going to be able to function here by just telling people I was a "citizen" wish it could've been that easy :/ long story short didn't end up going to the university I wanted to go (UCSB) because well it was hella expensive and back then there was no such thing as the CA Dream Act ( for those in Cali) sunk into depression for a while, but that didn't stop me I've been in a community college for 7 years, but still going at it. Although yes, our status does limit us on many things, it shouldn't define who we are citizens or not siempre seguimos adelante so thank you for sharing your story! Hope you hear from them soon and let's keep on hoping for the best
  2. Chancellor, Democrats Back Dream Act

    It's nice that they are supporting or trying to be supportive, but what I don't like is the fact that they continue to portray this good vs. Bad immigrant narrative leaving out a HUGE population of undocumented youth and immigrants. School is not for everyone, plus why do we have to be this perfect citizen when their own citizens can't even do that. They're creating divisions between the immigrant community by labelling the deserving immigrant vs the one who is not worthy to be here :/ citizenship, work permit, or whatever else they are introducing is going to come at what cost? Hopefully they introduce a CLEAN Dream Act, one that won't increase militarization and more ice raids, more anti-immigrant laws. Would hurt me to be able to qualify while my parents and my friends that didn't qualify for DACA live in fear of deportation or worse, get deported but... let's just hope for the best
  3. I'm sure you'll get your approval by then That I know once your work permit expires, you are out of the protection of DACA, but if you sent it on time, you should be good if the date that your work permit expires gets closer and you still haven't gotten approved, give them a call. But, I know what you mean, the wait is nerve-racking. Hope you hear from them soon
  4. For me, it took about two months to get approved maybe a bit more than two months . My work permit was gonna expired on March, but I got it way before my expiration date.
  5. Daca process!

    You should be able to check your case online or you can give them a call and ask, just to make sure
  6. DACA

    They were specific about who can still renew, if you try to send it they will send you back your application. I know it was recommended to talk to a lawyer to see if perhaps you have other options, you might qualify for something else you might not. I know there are couple lawyers and organizations doing screenings to see if people who can no longer renew qualify for something else. I would suggest to look into resources that some orgs have provided. United We Dream's website might be able to give you more info on organization near your area. But as of now, let's just hope for the best and continue to push for something more inclusive and clean, without so many amendments that criminalize people.
  7. Behind the scenes on DACA

    Eh I don't know, this has always been a political game, where they play with the lives of many. Creating this narratives of the "good" vs te "bad" immigrant forcing people to compete and be worthy of simple human rights. Always the same thing with them, "we only want the best, the role model". High expectations that the so called citizens of this nation can't even meet. My parents aren't criminals for having the courage to bring me here, but according to them they don't deserve the right to be here :/ idk I'm just tired to be honest. I'm tired of seeing how our communities are always criminalized. But that's just how I feel :/ I kind of needed to vent tbh :/ this whole political climate is so irritating
  8. you can still apply, and you should do it ASAP, before October 5th. "I still need to apply for my renewal! But I am past my Ideal Application zone! What do I do and What can I expect? What happens now? If you haven’t applied yet- you CAN still apply, even if you have already passed your “ideal application zone” (which was between 150 and 120 days before your expiration date), but you absolutely MUST apply as soon as you possibly can as the consequences of waiting will be serious and bad. First, you need to know there is no “deadline” to submit your DACA renewal application, but there are BAD consequences if you apply too close (or past) your expiration date. You have up to 1 year after your DACA expiration date to apply as a renewal applicant. After this 1 year mark you will have to apply again as a first time DACA applicant. Do NOT wait this long- applying as a renewal applicant is a lot easier than applying as a first-time applicant, there’s less evidence you need to submit" source link here
  9. Coming Out Of The Shadows!

    Hello everyone, I want to extend the invitation for those who live in areas near Pacoima, CA to join us on our annual Coming Out Of The Shadows (COOTS) event . It's a great opportunity for those who want to get involved in the immigrant movement and also a great opportunity to come out and share your story publicly and proclaim your identities. The San Fernando Valley community is excited to announce its 5th annual Coming Out Of The Shadows (COOTS). Join the San Fernando Valley Immigrant Youth Coalition, Somos Familia Valle, and the San Fernando Valley Dream Team on Saturday, March 21st at 12pm for our movement demonstration of unity, empowerment, and radical solidarity. As grassroots organizations led by people of color, we are thrilled to be joining forces for the first time. We will bring together the powerful voices of courageous immigrant parents, unapologetic immigrant youth, unashamed LGBTQ immigrants, and our local allies. Our members will open up, proclaim their identities, and you will hear the stories that we don't get to know in our Valley often enough. Be present and stand up against oppression. Our grassroots organizations are looking forward to reclaiming our humanity through our stories. Everyone and ALL families are welcome to join us at the Van Nuys Blvd. & Laurel Canyon Blvd. intersection. We will march from this intersection to the Richie Valens Park in Pacoima (about 3 blocks distance). We will come together to get to know the stories of our San Fernando Valley undocumented neighbors who are excluded from Obama's deferred actions, and other community members of the immigrant community who fall through the cracks in the dehumanizing and criminalizing machine that is the U.S. immigration system. Being undocumented is not our only identity! Come hear our stories, get to know our intersecting identities, common struggles, and join us for an open mic afterwards! March is National Coming Out Of The Shadows Month, a time when immigrant communities across the country reclaim public spaces & gather to challenge unjust immigration laws. National Coming Out of the Shadows started in Chicago, Illinois on March 10th, 2010 when undocumented youth declared to be “UNDOCUMENTED AND UNAFRAID” at Federal Plaza, facing the immigration and federal office building. Around the country, other undocumented youth did the same, some times escalating to civil disobedience in support of immigrant rights. Be part of history in the San Fernando Valley. Come out as you are. We look forward to elevating our immigrant power together.
  10. Daca Renewal

    I sent a copy of my approval letters as well
  11. Congrats Osha glad it came on time Hopefully I'll receive my approval this week before mine expires
  12. Application sent: Oct. 27 Application received: Oct. 31 Service Center: Nebraska Acceptance letter received: Nov. 4 Date of Biometrics : Nov. 24 Approval: still pending Expiration day: March 1st , in a week!! And no approval yet :/
  13. Did Dapa Just Got Cancel ??

    It is only temporary, It will now move up to the 5th Circuit District Court to be reviewed and either rule against it again or in favor. If it rules in favor of DAPA and DACA extension meaning they declare DAPA and DACA extension constitutional then they go back to being implemented. If they rule against it then it will be moved to the Supreme Court. Either way, president has already stated that he will veto the bill, but we are hoping that it doesn't go through all that long process. We hope that the judges in the 5th Circuit District Court rule in favor. But in the mean time please do not get discouraged and keep preparing all your documents to be ready once it comes out. For more info you can register to this webinar that United We Dream will be hosting a long with legal experts for those who have questions. Webinar is today.
  14. Well like it says on the article, it is very unlikely that the bill will pass on the senate because they need Democrat votes, but Democrats have come out and said that they will not support any bills against any of the recent President's executive actions and the president has also stated that he will veto the bill or any other bills. There're even 26 Republicans that were against this Bill. These are some of the many attacks that we're gonna see from Republicans and their main aim is to scared the community, but like the President told the DREAMers that met up with him last week, to encourage people to keep on applying because if these programs are successful then that could potentially lead to something broader. Either way, we knew that Republicans weren't gonna stay with their hands crossed, but we are not gonna let them. The fight continues and we're gonna be ready to fight back and keep our victories and we'll keep on pushing for something broader.