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    • missandygb

      Sad because DACA ended but hopeful congress can pass something for us 
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    • Admin

      What's on your mind?
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    • instantana

      Hi! I have two illegal entries. The first one was in 1999, I was 11 years old. I went back to Mexico in 2005 came back March 2007, I was 17 years old. I was approved for DACA January 2017. I went to Mexico June 2017 using advance parole, I got married to a US citizen can we apply for a green card, my lawyer said is not recommended cause the 2 illegal entries I have, can you please give me a second opinion. I have no criminal records or never got caught crossing over.
      · 1 reply
    • ViK  »  Elgranbocha

      What happen with your DACA and your DUI
      · 0 replies
    • ViK  »  romero509

      Romero I know you got denied for DACA.
      because of the DUI what did they send you? Noticed to Appear,deportation letter or just denial letter.
      Did you expunge your DUI & apply again?
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    • Aubrie

      Hope all of you are doing great.
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    • Aubrie

      Hello everyone I'm new to this forum I'm about to captioning services.
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    • Cool thanks, I just called mine two days ago, they ask d me for the same form, I sent it and waiting for them. Hopefully it goes on the right way. 
    • thank you for your quick response 
    • No. They don’t need to know. All I did was filled out a form giving them permission to contact USCIS on my behalf.  USCIS always reacts quick after a congressional inquiry.  So, I was finally approved.  And the representative is republican!
    • For me, it took about two months to get approved maybe a bit more than two months . My work permit was gonna expired on March, but I got it way before my expiration date.