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  1. Please guys, if you come across this post and know of someone, please let me know... It is for a good cause. I assure you that if you feel intimidated and would not like to share this situation publicly, I encourage you to send me a PM. In the next couple of weeks, you will see how everything will unfold. Meanwhile, I need complete honesty and transparency so I can gather accurate data. Thanks in advance for your help (if you decide to contribute - if not, thank you anyway).
  2. Hello all - Need your help with a couple of questions. Please visit my other post HERE in order to participate. Thanks in advance. Santiago
  3. Hello all - I wanted to ask you a couple of questions, and am hoping for some feedback (please keep in mind that this only applies to individuals that meet USCIS requirements for Deferred Action): Do you qualify for DACA, but have not applied due to financial circumstances? Do you know anyone that has not applied to DACA due to the above mentioned circumstances? The reason for these questions is basically to gauge interest in any form of financial aid to assist with DACA filing expenses. This only applies to individuals that have not applied to DACA, and also that have graduated High School and would like to pursue/are pursuing higher education. Your answers are greatly appreciated. Regards, Santiago
  4. Well, we are at it again... The New York Times reported that the debate to overhaul the broken immigration system is being overshadowed by the debate of potential military intervention in Syria, in addition to debates about the Gov's Budget and its borrowing limits (debt ceiling). Since the Syrian intervention and debt ceiling/budget talks have gained popularity and are also being actively discussed in media outlets, the push for immigration reform has lost some of its lime light, but not its momentum. Even though House Republicans say that Immigration Reform has been pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities, reform advocates still plan to mobilize en masse during the fall to pressure the House to pass a comprehensive bill. During the month of October alone, it is expected that there will be rallies in about 40 cities, with a march/rally on DC on October 8th. Please click here to read the original article...
  5. Damn Republicans!!!!!!

    It won't pass... It is basically what they (group of House Republicans) want to see in the bill. It really doesn't say if they are a significant majority, a great number of people, or high level Republicans for that matter. Don't sweat it! BTW - What he said!
  6. Janet Napolitano To Resign Friday

    She is pursuing the opportunity to head the University of California System... Great gig by the way (UCLA, Cal, UCSB, UC-Irv, etc...very reputable State University System...I wish her all the best!
  7. No worries - It is redundant to say the least... It basically says what House Republicans have been stating since the Senate Bill passed... However, they will draft something...expect to be surprised around fall this year BTW - a significant number of voting citizens are pro-reform. However, the most conservative don't want to see 'free amnesty...' meaning, they expect the #11Million to pay some sort 'fine,' in addition to back taxes on undeclared income. Let me throw in some numbers to get you excited: if the fine was $1,000 per undocumented immigrant:The government could potentially earn $11 Billion (11 thousand million) The average person earning ~$40,000/year would take approx. 275,000 years to amass this wealth (if salary is constant) It would take EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN (~315 million) to donate ~$35 bucks to get to that amountOr EVERY SINGLE CHINESE (Ex Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau) to donate ~$8 to reach that amount Mind you, I am not factoring in taxes on past undeclared income The way I see it, it will happen: the country will benefit strongly from it in the short term (fines + application fees = gov revenue), and the long term (income tax revenue, SS, Medicare) until we become eligible for citizenship and government benefits (which I don't believe in; personally, that is). Bottom line, Boehner will be like that pretty girl that plays hard to get...he will eventually give in LOL
  8. Can I Travel Outside The Us?

    First, get the job. Second, apply for advanced parole. Third, consult an immigration representative, CSR, or even an immigration attorney to see if advanced parole will allow you to travel back and forth. I know for a fact (according to what USCIS has stipulated in the website RE: Advanced Parole) that if you are approved for parole because of employment requirements, you will be able to travel out of the country and re-enter...However, they do not say how often you are able to travel and re-enter, or if you have to apply every time you have to travel. If I were you, I would first interview and try to get the job. If asked if I could travel or if I need sponsorship, I would say that the immigration situation is personal and in no way will the company have to sponsor me. My suggestion: Research the requirements for Advanced Parole...does your employer have to fill out any sections or send any paperwork to USCIS confirming your employment and the need for you to travel? Can you travel and re-enter on a recurrent basis? if so, how often? Make sure you have this information on hand before you reach the final round of interviews...if you do, and if the company doesn't have to expose itself significantly if they hire you and train you abroad, you could make a very persuasive argument as to why they should hire and how they could benefit from it... I wish you much success bud! On another note, what company is it? Noble, Diamond Offshore, Seacor, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Transocean, Baker Hughes? I asked because I worked for an Oil Trading firm and am well informed in regards to the industry (majored in International Business and Marketing)... How do they service the industry? Well optimization, testing, drilling, cementing (E&P Sector), Refinery Services/Pipeline Construction (laying) + Maintenance (Downstream/Marketing)? Do they do work Offshore? For what role are you interviewing?
  9. Hello all - A couple of thoughts as to what transpired last week and what is expected to happen this week : - G-Dub (President Bush) endorsed immigration reform on Sunday in national TV, and said that there was a strong chance that a bill would be drafted in the House. - Rep. Michael McCaul R-TX, criticized the current version of the bill, saying that the provision to secure the border was drafted in a hurry and that it lacked a structured plan...'Candy thrown down there...' In a nutshell, the momentum is there, let us see how the House debates on the issue and hope for the best...keep your hopes up and fingers crossed!!! Further reading: [url/] [image/][image]
  10. As many probably know, a huge milestone was reached when the Immigration Reform Bill passed the Senate with flying colors (68-32). However, the real test is yet to start: The GOP controlled House of Representatives and their leader, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio). Boehner is one of the strongest critics of the current bill that was passed in the Senate, and has explicitly said that he won't send any bill to the House floor unless it has significant support from his Republican colleagues in the House (the Hassert Rule). Moreover, he has stated that the Senate Bill 'needs a lot of work,' and he would rather vote on an immigration bill that has been developed in the House. This guy is a tough cookie with a lot of influence in the House, so the more Republicans that jump on board the bill before they reconvene on July 10, the better. On this date (July 10), GOP members of the House will meet to discuss what options are available to them and how to proceed. Below are a couple things to be aware of before the House opens the floor for Immigration Reform: GOP Members of the House are against a pathway citizenship (at least the majority of them) The House wants to offer both a comprehensive bill and single-item bills Some House GOP members have not even read the Senate Bill All things considered, there is significant pressure on Congress to overhaul the immigration system. Given the unpopular finger-pointing that takes place whenever there is either a gridlock in congress, or when a bill fails to pass because of increased disagreement among the voting parties, citizens (I mean everyone, even you) and voters are demanding that elected representatives get the job done. Also, mid-term congressional elections are fast approaching (2014), and the GOP has been under increased scrutiny because of the perceived notion that Republicans are to blame when something is not done in Washington. In addition, not only do they want to either have significant control of the House or Senate, they also want to be strong contenders for the 2016 Presidential Election and increase their popularity among Latino voters. Let us hope for the best and keep supporting those individuals that are constantly in the front lines fighting for the rest of us. Further reading: JULY 10!
  11. Racist Pricks

    Flawless performance... Pay no mind guys...they are just a significant minority, living someplace isolated where they still discriminate against people that, according to them, are 'different.' Also, please keep in mind that the comments do not come from San Antonio or Miami alone...these teams have fans all over the country - yes, even in Ignorantville, USA. I got a little pissed when someone said that 'people in Miami are just as stupid as people in San Antonio...' That person must have been joking - Miami, racist? HAAHHAAHAHAHAH - it is like saying that LA, or California in general, is Racist... Don't let a handful of people spoil a great performance by a talented artist... I want to hear some of that kid's Rancheras if he has any...