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  1. Opening A Bank Account

    I agree Jose. Go with Chase because Wells Fargo Sucks. I had a rough start with them on overdraft fees, but I got the hang of it now. They didn't offer me unsecured credit even though I had a secure credit card for a few years .
  2. Hi, My Name Is Luz Elizondo

    Thanks Luz, Can you get your local congressman involved to see what's been going on with your case? Try it! I did, and it worked for me!
  3. Quick Question

    I Agree. It should be easier
  4. Ca Dmv Writing Test!

    I just find out by some who took the test today that the test on the website has similar questions given on the written test. He just went through it a couple of times, took the test, and passed it! I'm doing the same
  5. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Congrats!!! It feels like winning the Lotto
  6. Quetion?

    You will get approved because that's what it usually happens once approval has been made. Congrats!!!!
  7. Ss Number Changing Drama At Work

    I Agree with Jose on this. I would've said the same thing .
  8. Places To Travel With Daca

    I also wanted to travel long distances ( Guam & Virgin Islands will do ) which I will save up to do. I am total homeboy, but I'll make the
  9. Long Time In The Making, It Finally Happened!!!

    Congrats!!! Baby Steps Girl I wish you prosperity, and like Lone Wolf said...Be Awesome
  10. How Has Life Changed?

    I too appreciate and thankful for DACA because the E-Verify Glass Barrier was shattered to pieces once I got Approved. It feel awesome not worrying about background checks . I will resume College this Fall to complete my Junior & Senior Year in Engineering. I got a Capitol One Credit Card, and i will soon move-in to my own place. It's been the happiest Summer of my life. I hope A lot of prosperity to you Guys, and I hope all your goals are met
  11. How Long Is Too Long

    Ana, Try to reach your U.S Congressman before Summer break. I contacted my local congressman because someone from this Forum suggested, and it worked after I'd waited the same time as you. They'll tell you to fill out a form "letting them take a peek at your file" and make copies of you receipts. Good Luck
  12. Hi Just Introducing Myself(:

    Welcome Newbie!!! I waited a long time as well. Good Luck!!
  13. Got Approved :)

    Congrats!!! Time to celebrate
  14. At Last Approved!!

    Yeah, I know what it feels like Congrats!!!!
  15. Hi, I Have A Question!!