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  1. ;) stay positive!!
  2. Approved!

  3. Hello everyone! I haven't visited in a loooong time!! But stoped in to say HI.. & ask everyone to not give up!! Keep hope & faith!! Because after it's all over and you realized how limitless your life becomes, it's a true blessing!!!! Good luck everyone!!!! :D

  4. Hi everyone! just stoping in! I like to stop in & see how many more people are getting approved! As for me, working has been tuff! BUT when i feel down , I always remember when I would pray for just an opportunity, & it pushes me even further!! God has truely blessed me

  5. Allow Myself To Introduce.. Myself

    Hi,, Cheated ....(James) Hopefully this website helps you as much as it has helped me!!
  6. Thank You God!!!!

    Congratulations!! .... I cried too! Just to think of all the possabilities!
  7. Thank You God!!!!

  8. I Got Approved!!!!!!!

  9. Approved, Finally!!! :-)

  10. Unfortunetly I only have a 2 year ID, (I haven't done my driving test yet) I went to the Compton DMV because I heard they were giving 6 year IDs & DL.. but I guess not.. Someone here provided a great website where I practice for my written test..... helped me a lot!& they have all 6 test & some.. and I passed, I already scheduled for my driving Good luck!!
  11. Surprise In The Mail!!

  12. How Has Life Changed?

    #1.. I agree with Rawf.. It was amazing to have the e-verify come back with a green light on being able to work! I have started working recently, not happy with hours, but beggers can't be choosers! & I get great benefits! Taking my dmv written test tomorrow, so I am hopeing I do good, so I can get my dl next! And having my babies ask for money for el paletero & actually having some....Preiceless!! Defeanetly more busy lately, but I wouldn't change a thing! Love it!!!!!
  13. Denial Becuz...

    So sorry u'r having to deal with this! In my opinion dump that lawyer like asap! get u'rself a new one! OR just f.y.i I did it all on my own!! But keep u'r head up! don't give up and try,try again!! God doesn't close a door without first opening a window