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  1. Sleep Paralysis! :/

    Haha usted es más que bienvenido querido
  2. Sleep Paralysis! :/

    Omg that happened to me a few times,like I couldn't move my body or open my eyes. But I could feel everything around me also to mention pain my chest/ribs. Like something heavy is pulling me towards them and someone saying or blowing air on my ear What causes this ? Does not happen to me anymore though thank God!
  3. I need a good job ASAP !!

    1. franklin.m


      macdonalds is hiring

    2. Rh_ny


      Not at McDonald's , I am a certified medical assistant lol

  4. My brother got approved today, his timeline is same as mine !

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    2. erika22


      I got approved today also! It seems like alot of people got approved today how awesome! congrats!

    3. pankaj
    4. Rh_ny


      Congrats Erica !

  5. My brother got approved today !! His timeline: app sent from newyork 08/28 Bios:09/21 Rfe:12/05 Rfe sent/recieved :12/21 Approved:02/05/2013 Vermont !!!
  6. How Did You Find Adreamact.com?

    I googled info about deferred action when it was first announced, found this page and saw the time line on it. I stalked it everyday and joined the forums
  7. First Job

    I have applied at NYU medical center and Two other hospitals, waiting for an answer !
  8. Approved!!!

    Congrats !!
  9. Interesting question, I would like to know about fafsa in NYC before applying to CUNY !!
  10. Obama's Speech

    anybody has any info about the bill? the outlines are still so vague :/
  11. Passed my learner permit today , with one shot oh yeahhhh

    1. Wisedevil22


      one shot? nahh lol

    2. Cochoz



    3. Rh_ny


      I swear it was my first time taking it and I passed it :)