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  1. Long Time In The Making, It Finally Happened!!!

    Congrats! Now go forth and be awesome.
  2. Ain't been on in awhile. Been hard at work. Just made overnight supervisor at Home Depot in less that six months. Just shows what hard work and a little sweat will get ya. =] Y'all take care.

  3. What Part Of Legal Immigration Don't You Understand?

    haha Oh that makes me giggle.
  4. Been awhile since I've been on. Cause I've been workin! For y'all still waiting, don't lose faith. Keep your heads up it'll come in time. Peace out!

  5. Girls Smoking

    I've been smoking and dippin for bout eight years now. So it don't bother me none if a lady does it. Personally, I like nothing more than enjoying a nice stogie over a glass of johnnie walker.
  6. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

    SAWEET!!! So happy for you. Now the good times and happy years come to you. Good luck and go kick life in the butt!
  7. How Did You Find Adreamact.com?

    haha GOOGLE!!!! Gotta love it. Was researching DACA and just happen to stumble onto here.
  8. Social Security number recieved. Down to the Dmv for a state ID!

    1. analee02
    2. splif0clock


      that's whats up ... go get em

  9. Any November People??!!!!!

    Y'all just keep patient. They're starting to catch up at all their centers so more acceptances should be coming soon. Just do your best to not think bout it. Do what I do, grab a good book. =]
  10. Hi I'm Armando

    Welcome brother. Keep the faith man. Shouldn't be much longer till something wonderful happens for us.
  11. I Got Approved This Morning!!! :)

    Congrats. Now go and be awesome.
  12. Obama's Speech

    It comes on 2:55 eastern time. I'm gonna watch it. Best to keep on top of everything.
  13. First Job

    I'm gonna look for a stocking job first. They start out pretty good pay way. Other than that gonna for something in retail. Fast food and resturants as a last resort.
  14. Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now?

    Hopefully back to school for my degree in political science. Then find my job in law enforcement. I ain't worrying much about family and children just yet. That is unless God swings that door wide open on me. Then that would be all the better.