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  1. Hope everyone is doing alright!

    1. Calidreamer


      Doing FANTASTIC!!! :D

    2. splif0clock


      :) glad to hear that cali
  2. Boston Bombing Discussion

    One word "SAD". The story is still too fresh for discussion and most stories are opinions other than what actually took place at the moment of the bombing. Innocent people died and the story behind it is still to vague to me. SAD to see an innocent kid die over violence when he was actually supporting peace at such young age. FYI.... Expect the immigration bill to be stripped down to it's bone.
  3. Denial.

    You can not appeal the decision but rather I think you could re-apply as others have said. It really saddens me to know you got denied even though you had an I-94 arrival card. It would be great if you can compile a list of all the documents you sent in and post it here including your denial letter.
  4. w00t w00t. Got a perfect job Offer :)

    1. kayej87



    2. Santi


      Make that bank splif! Wish you success in your new job!

    3. engineer2mike


      That's right Make that bank Splif!! I also wish success man!! PROUD OF YOU!!

  5. walked in with a box of tissues and everyone was like ...

    1. Calidreamer


      "...OMG...what happened" or "...am I going to need those" lolz

  6. Lets hope they don't disappoint us this time around again.
  7. I am forced to cut my hair ... this will be my third and final ponytail >!< Blaming people (including myself) and their first impression crap...

    1. Santi


      With this comment, I just assumed you kinda looked like Drogba (see his goal against RM? that was bonkers!)

    2. Calidreamer


      Oh no! I'm sorry Splif :(

  8. East Coast Job Fair madnesssssss

  9. Have a pleasant Friday evening PPL! Don't drink and drive :P

  10. Uscis Adds An Official Daca Processing Time

    Marco, did you try what JoseG suggested ? Clearing your cache on your browser ?
  11. College Career

    Go for it man. If that is what you like, don't let your current immigration status stop you. Besides, you are just starting so you have another at least 4 more years to go. God only knows what your immigration status would be by then, maybe you might even be a PR by then . FYI, some gov posts don't require clearance depending where you work and what type of work you do. G'luck with everything.
  12. Just Spoke To A Uscis Representative

    Bro/Sis, I can't really tell you what to say because I have no clue what your situation is. But, you can tell them your situation and I am sure they would be more than happy to tell you what is going on - not the level 1 reps. For starters, I am sure you are concerned about your case taking forever so why don't you start from there.
  13. :''( Why God??

    If I am not mistaken, the letter will include all the options you have regarding to the decision. A few things to note: As for reapplying, I have seen many posts saying you can submit your application again but I am not quite sure. I have read this site up and down many time and It doesn't mention it. But, For your sake I hope they would let you re-submit your application if they DON'T ISSUE YOU NTA. Best wishes.