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  1. I've been waiting for this moment for soooooooooooooooooo long... Thank you god!!!!! Like I can not thank you enough!!!! I'm so relieved that I'm finally approved!!!!! Ugh it feels so good saying it! Thanks to all my family and friends for all the support. I also want to thank all of the members of this forum for helping all of us that were still waiting! Thank you guys I'm sooo blessed!
  2. Careers After Your Daca.

    I will go to school next year, I want to be a medical assistant or medical billing. For now I'm just working, taking driving lessons so I can pass my road test in January after I get my license I plan to buy a cheap car with my income tax so I can go to work and school
  3. Dreamers Nd Obama Care ??!!

    I'm confused, I went to apply for charity care and the lady said if I wanted to apply for Obama care and I said ok and then she's like oh but you have to be a citizen or resident!? Idk anymore
  4. Oooommmgggg guys I passed my written test yesterday on my first try!!!!!!!

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    2. Laste31


      I didn't even study! I just went to like practice lol

    3. JoseG
    4. Laste31
  5. So I got the job!!!! I'm working as a receptionist at a dealer :) it's only part time but you gotta start somewhere

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    2. Laste31
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      Congrats to you !!...and I bet you that is only the start of greater things to come.

  6. I've applied to soooo many places, no phone calls or emails!!!!! Ugh I need a job

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    2. cheated


      here try this link.. plenty of options.. i know you're not in texas but those links have openings in different states in the USA.. it's worth a shot:

    3. Laste31


      Oh ok thanks, I'll try it

    4. Zoey84


      Have you tried retail..I know they hiring a lot because of the holidays.

  7. Got my Ssn in the mail!!!!!!!! Now time to look for a job, where to start..?

  8. Your story is definitely inspirational in the sense that you could've gone the same way your brother did but you did think about your Lil brother. That's something to admire because most kids say "well my older brother uses drugs that's why I use them too" I thank god for giving me my sisters because they've always been there for me and my Lil brother. Keep your head up you'll get approved soon trust me, I waited for 1 year and I just got approved last week
  9. Got my EAD card in the mail today!!!!! Going to apply for my Ssn tomorrow :) :) :)

    1. lencho90


      u so lucky :)) i still have not heard from usics yet>_<

    2. Laste31


      So what was the update?

  10. Hello lost friend!!! I sent you a message, guess you didn't see it? Well just wanted to let you know that I finally got approved on 8-21-13!!!!!!!!
  11. Missent !!.. Really!!

    Oh ok thank you chris
  12. Missent !!.. Really!!

    That is messed up!!!! How did you get the tracking number? They just sent me an email saying that they mailed the card but I don't see any tracking number
  13. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    I really hope so! Did you check what was the update????
  14. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Give it another week and they'll notify when they get it.
  15. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Thank you! Did you send it express mail? My lawyer sent mine July 24th and they received it August 5th And more to get a response it only took 2 weeks. Dud they send you an email telling they received it?
  16. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Yea it does suck she was over age, she's such a kind person that when I told her last night she said "I'm so happy for you sister, I know you'll make me proud" I really hope the immigration reform passes so she can finally get what she deserves!
  17. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Yes I waited too long I'd say but only god knows why. I can wait to get my EAD card and get my Ssn then I'm going to start applying everywhere also go to school
  18. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Thank you!!!!!!!!
  19. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Oh cool it's in less than 1 month My Lil brother got approved first then 1 of my older sister and I'm the youngest of the girls my oldest sister didn't qualify to apply.
  20. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Oh when's your bday? They were all sooo happy and were like "finally" lol Yea I think we're all going out to celebrate since I was the last one to get approved so they were just waiting for me
  21. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Ooh ok yea I'm pretty sure you're approved a lot of people here got an update saying the same thing. I wasn't expecting anything but I was going through my emails and I saw "USCIS" on the title I was nervous but u opened it and it said my card was sent to production!!!! I started jumping screaming etc lol Then I got 2 emails saying that both apps are approved.
  22. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Thank you! And yes it was a veeeeery long time! But pray to god and trust me you'll get approved soon! @lencho90 did you check what was the update???
  23. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Thank you Chris!
  24. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Definitely does!!!! Thank you!!!