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  1. DACA Process [Timelines]

    My application was accepted to cal center on oct 31! I did my bios on dec 6! Got approved January 29!! Got my ead feb 5!! Don't worry I know how frustrating it can be! But don't loose hope
  2. Question About Banking!

    I also use my matricula!! I don't like doing things illegal! I'm a scardy cat!
  3. Question About Banking!

    Thank you ill do that!!
  4. I had Bank of America but I ended up owing them $150 now that with new ssn can I apply again? Will they find out? I will pay the $150 but i was just wondering! I just wanted to know if we really do start from scratch from now on!
  5. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

    Congrats I'm extremely happy for you!!
  6. I should take about 3 to 7 days after the approval letter!
  7. Any November People??!!!!!

    It's like I said it was probably a rumor
  8. Any November People??!!!!!

    It's like I said it was probably a rumor
  9. Any November People??!!!!!

    My husband told me that people who have been here longer are serve first! I have been here since I was two and I applied on November 5 and got approved already!! But who knows maybe its just a rumor!!
  10. That happened to me but a couple of hours later I receive a text saying that my case was updated and that ups just picked up my card and they gave a tracking number!
  11. It takes at least a day for them to post the tracking number!! They will send u an email or text that ur case has been updated!
  12. Oh thank you!! I was really confuse but thank you for ur help!!
  13. I heard that they send u a tracking number for ur ead card is this true?
  14. How Long Did You Wait In California??!!!!!

    I'm from California I just got approved today!! App send on oct 31 App received on November 5 Bios on dec 6 Text approval on jan 29 Yours r on their way! Good luck!
  15. DACA Process [Timelines]

    It was sent to California service center! And thank u!! Yours is on the way!!