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  1. Went to apply for my SSN ! Should have it in 2 weeks :D

  2. can't wait for my permit to come in the mail ! i'm so excited ! & thankful of course !

    1. engineer2mike


      Congrats!! It feels AWESOME :)

  3. Thank You God Finally!!!

    After waiting for so long !!!! The day is finally here I got approved ! My work permit is in production !!!! I feel so blessed !!!!!!!!! This day felt like it was never gonna come !!!! I'm so thankful ! DL here I come !!!!!! Lol
  4. USCIS finally received my RFE, hopefully i get approved soon

    1. chris23


      How long did it take for them to receive it?

    2. Humbleheart


      I sent in mines the 15th and got accepted the 23rd...Good Luck...@Chris23 I mailed mine Saturday and the got it !st thing Monday morning I live in NY and mine was sent to Nebraska drop box priority flat rate which comes with tracking

  5. almost ready to send my RFE i pray i get approved

  6. i'm so close yet so far........i just wanna give up already

  7. i got a RFE and they're asking for a lot of specific months from every year 2007-2012 ugh i was more than sure i sent enough evidence !!!!! but what if i cant find anything from those specific months? can it be from months after or before? this is stressing me & especially my mom i've never seen her like this we're going crazy looking for every little paper, i didn't have a bank account my emails go as far back as 2010 .. what can i send ??
  8. just checked my case got a RFE! whyyyy

  9. 7Months Today!!...

    i just checked my case right now and i got a RFE!!! ...... thats a step closer right? i was hoping i wouldn't get that but i shouldn't be scared because i've always been here !
  10. 7Months Today!!...

    wow i really didn't think i'd have to wait this long... i just got a job about a week ago so i'm very thankful one less thing to worry about. i tried contacting my congressman but that was useless... i did a e-request but still nothing. what can i do? i know wait but i want to actually do something to help my case since no one else does ! how can i get to talk to a level 2 officer???? i haven't done that yet. do i ask for them? is there a certain number i call???? HELP
  11. i feel like USCIS just skipped my application, something is not right

    1. Admin


      I think everyone feels like that at some point! Don't worry :)

  12. when will it be my turn to get approved?... :'(

  13. 6 months are up ! now lets see how much longer !

  14. If Your Case Is Taking Too Long This Might Help!!

    I just did this today, hopefully my case will be as lucky & successful as yours thank you for this information
  15. September Applications

    yeah same here ! they received it September 26 & i did my biometrics Oct. 29 ..still in initial review