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  1. Aim High!

    Wow Amor that's very encouraging!! I will definitely email you, I'm having some trouble
  2. Update on my case, I finally received my EAD Last wenesday ! :)

  3. I'm sure we can all relate to his story can you please sign the petition Maybe one day one of us might need his services or may find our selves in similar situations where our dream was taken away !!!! We can all help please share the link and sign it thank you!

  4. So I'm Dacamented without an EAD -_- basically I can't do anything since the post office lost my document, an Investigation was done but nothing was found and no one is assuming responsibility I have to file for a replacement and pay again $465 the waiting game starts once again !!

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    2. Peedur


      Wow. I am so sorry to hear this. There has to be something they can do. This isn't even your fault! Smh.

    3. Heisenberg2
    4. miguel2013



  5. CALL your senator and ask that they support S.744 tomorrow !!!!!!!!!! 866-834-8040

    1. hunninutz


      what exactly is tomorrow?? isnt the vote already 67-25 i think

    2. JoseG


      That vote was to end debate on the bill. The final vote to pass the bill in the Senate will be on Friday.

  6. So, I have to re apply again for the work permit and pay again because the stupid post office and mail man lost my working permit -___- the waiting game starts again ...... So so so so disappointed :/

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    2. Aled


      I can't even imagine how you must feel about the whole situation. I am sorry this has happened.

    3. Baby23


      Hey Luna, the same happend to my cousin. We went to the same lawyer, and she explain what happpend but she still had to pay. She was told it might not be long though since you both been approve before. Our lawyer told her to file a police report since it was very personal documents. She did file one and sent it in with the application. Uscis might think you just want another EAD. But your case actually shows it wasn't deliverd and her said it had been delivered. Good luck ill keep you up...

    4. Luna


      Thank you guys yes I will file a police report !

  7. After waiting over 9 months to be approved the post office and the mailman doesn't know where my envelope is the one containing my working permit DAMN IT!!! Fml what the hell !!! If you guys don't hear anything from me someday it means I been struck by lightning -_- I can't believe this....

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    2. Luna


      Jose it only says delivery status not updated !!! Thanks guys !! Hopefully it's somewhere :/

    3. Rawf


      It's another wall on the way Luna, you are approved and that is what matter the most now :)

    4. Rawf


      Do you have a tracking number?

  8. What a way to end my Vacation!!!! I finally got approved app sent August 17 bios sep 28 Vermont service center !!!! Thank you GOD for your blessings !!!

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    2. Santi



      Told ya!

    3. Luna


      Thank you guys !!!! :) yes it was a long wait but worth it :)

    4. misaelfromnc


      i feel ya luna i got approved too!! yay for us lol

  9. Going on a vacation to relax and disconnect hopefully when i come back I will be approved :D good luck to everyone who are still waiting !!!

    1. marco12


      have a fun and safe trip!

    2. EnJR


      Have a good one! and good luck, hopefully you'll get approved soon

    3. Luna


      Thank you guys !!

  10. About 2 Hours Ago...

    Congratulations !!!!!!
  11. For anyone who contacted their congressman can you please inboxeme and give me any more details ?? Thank you I appreciated it !!!

    1. Heisenberg2


      hope you get approved soon, moon :)

    2. Luna


      Thanks heisenberg I hope so too ;)

    3. StephenB3


      Would also appreciate if you could send me any info you get been looking to see what people sent.

  12. So I went to h&m to exchange something and this young African-American asked me for my I'd, but since I haven't been approved I had to show him my matricula and he goes "Mexico" ? "Why you all here" ? -___- what da faaaak I felt like hulk at that moment €#^^{£{€{>

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    2. Calidreamer


      Luna, I so would had said something back, but you are right, his time will come "Se escribe Karma' Y Se Pronuncia, 'Andele Que Bueno Por Culero' Please excuse my language, but this really gets to me! It happened to Sephora, I returned something using my passport, and the lady was like "why don't you have a D/L, I can't take this" I just said "this has never been a problem before, would you like me to call Corp?" problem solved

    3. kayej87


      Try dealing with it at your job...been working there officially two month in the office and had to complain about three ppl already the CEO had to tell them she might have her papers but she would get a promotion before any of you cuz she puts more work lesson is I ignore the BS cuz no matter weather its my skin color (black) or my status ppl gonna still give me BS

    4. Luna


      Right kayle i agree, it upsets me that knowing they have been mistreated and discriminated against, knowing how it feels and they still have the audacity to discriminates against other people !!!

  13. 7 Or 8 Month Club..from Vermont?

    Santoooooooo you never fail on making us smile or at least me hehehe ^_-
  14. 7 Or 8 Month Club..from Vermont?

    164 since my app was received and 141 since my biometrics -____-