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  1. Hey There. Im Marina

    Good luck minna, nothin is inpossible in this world. keep your hopes up and try to network with people around you that can help in any form. sometimes its not what u know its who u know. i have been blessed with the fact that where i live i know alot of people with power and knowlege and i have been able to better myself as a individual and economicly. so cheer up i waited 8 mths for the approval and just yesterday i got approved. my mentality was this. ive lived 26 years without a social i can easily live 26 and beyond more years without it. Keep that in mind the only person that can hold you back from your dreams is yourself. good luck and if u need any more positive feedback let me know.
  2. Approve For Work Permit Green Cars Today 5/22/2013

    i will have to continue to check that out.. dude i been waitng for close to 8mths and i was amazed that it actually happened and yes it feels great now to move on with life so many opportunities are yet to come and our dreams are endless now GRACIAS A DIOS QUE NOS ESTA CUIDANDO Y NOS DA FUERSAS!!
  3. i got approved today!!! both of them are on the last bubble and im just waiting for the tracking number but idk where thats gonna show up can any one tell me?? time line was sent app on sep 28-2012 bios done nov 8-2012 approved for bot on 5-22-13

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    2. LALY86


      CONGRATS!!! I got an email with my tracking number 5 days after I was approved.

    3. misaelfromnc


      oh ok i got you. well i guess ill hav to wait for that email to come so i can track them. i hope they havnt changed thier way of processing stuff

    4. Calidreamer
  4. Approve For Work Permit Green Cars Today 5/22/2013

    i happy for you bro i got approved today also !!! now im just waiting for that tracking number but idk where to find it lol
  5. so i called and the man that answered said they couldnt do a service request since they are working on aug 31 and i sent mine on sep 28 told me to wait 30 days to try agian.

    1. chris23


      Honestly dont believe thats lie, Cus thats all they know how to do. I called 2 months ago nd thats wat they told me, do you really think its takes months to do a single day of applications?. they are trying to make it seem like somehow they are starting to get organized nd now they are going by dates but if that was the case, your application would of been approved along time ago. Besides some ppl that applied in January got approved already nd alot sep nd Aug ppl still wating.

    2. Calidreamer


      They come up with the randomest things to say!!! I know its easier said than done, but keep calm, your time will come...have some faith :D

    3. misaelfromnc


      thanks guys, well i think im going to call everyday from now on untill i get someone kind enough to put in more work to get a real answer. chris23 i know what u mean that what i was saying and i knew that if i told the dude on the phone all he would say is well idk... thanks calidreamer ill just have to follow ur advice and sit down and stop thinkin about it

  6. Does anyone think that age is also a factor in the time of approval? seems like the younger you are the sooner they are approving applications.?

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    2. misaelfromnc


      idk the scamatics of it dont make sence, but ive seen alot of people that are older as still waiting but idk they received my app sep 28 and bios nov 8 and still waiting.

    3. Audiocrazy20


      Age wasn't a factor. My sis was 30 and got approved within a month. I'm 27 and got approved in 3 weeks.

    4. misaelfromnc


      well dang .. there might be depending on what service center its at .. many questions very few answers from what i seen.

  7. Waiting Patiently

    Calidreamer is right i been waiting since sep 28 which was when the recieved my app and nov 8 is the day i did my bios. so yea its been a while so sit tight im inpacient also belive me.
  8. Working Days Calculator

    i been waiting 150 days and still waiting
  9. If Your Case Is Taking Too Long This Might Help!!

    needless to say from my research about my local congress man Mr. Walter Jones he is completely agianst illegal immigrants and deferred action so this will probly not help. but it is a great idea for those that are in areas where your congress man is in agreement with the action.
  10. How Long Have You Been Waiting

    application accepted sep 28 bios nov 8 and been waiting ever since im kinda getting worried ill have to make a service request here soon i just wanted to give it some time.
  11. Approved!!!!

    oh cool ... makes me wonder if the ones transfered to nebraska are gonna get approved sooner im still in vermont
  12. Approved!!!!

    congrats!!!! where was your application at?
  13. Nobody From Nc??

    same her im from eastern nc appl. recieved sep 28 bios nov 8 still waiting. we must all stick together i swear
  14. so my question to all is this ... why do we worry so darn much when we are gona get approved. yet months before we knew nothin of us having this opportunity. lets all be strong individuals and show them all that wether we have a social or not we are going to work as hard as we can in life. NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER!! our own minds are what sets our limits to our success!! Or u tell me what ull think?

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    2. Luna


      Back to your question :P I was planning to marry a rich wealthy guy :D so I won't have to struggle lol Jk Jk well I had plans on going back to my country and maybe be able to start Career over there. I was also considering moving to Europe :) but hopefully I will get approved soon and go on with my career :o

    3. erika22


      @ LUNA what are you majoring in??

      @misaelfromnc that's totally true but still the wait is horrible especially when your an impatient person like myself patience is something I am working on and this really made me be a little more patient lol

    4. misaelfromnc


      @pswa83 your right girl this is why i have my mind set to this: if im denied then so be it im gonna continue with my life and act like this never happen.

      @luna omg i had the same aspirations but i could never find and old rich women to love me lol jk. lets not give up wether we are approved or denied b/c this is only the begining of our tour in life. btw whats your home country?

      @ erika22 take it as it comes no need to worry yourself about it . i thought about it all and i decieded...

  15. chiste chiste: si voy a la iglesia y robo la senal de wifi, estoy reciviendo la senal de dios? :)