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  1. Resume Help

    Anyone have any examples of some resumes never worked in my life so no past job experience. Only thing I've done is volunteered at school, church, and some community events around home. Really good at computers/math and I am bilingual. If anyone can help greatly appreciated. Need to get a job ASAP thanks :]
  2. 2013 Timelines/approvals

    Sent my app late Feb. Timeline is in my signature hope it helps.
  3. Got my permit yesterday !!! Woooo :]

  4. Anyone In Florida Received Driver License With Daca?

    Just got my permit yesterday had no problems :] You should be fine. in about 1month I will be able to obtain my license wooo
  5. Stressed about permit tests and DL ;( getting print out of my SS tomorrow then straight to the DMV it is.

  6. Approved!! Words Can't Describe How Happy I Am!!!!!

    Woo recently got approved myself feels AWESOME CONGRATSS!!!!

    1. Jvv602


      Wat do you need to take??

    2. StephenB3


      I just took my Birth certificate, Work Permit, my passport and School/College ID and you should be fine.

  8. Just Happened.

    Here is the time line :] Date Application Sent: 2/22/2013 Lockbox: Texas Mail Method: USPS Express Certified Received Date: 2/25/2013 Date of Acceptance e-mail/text: 03/04/2013 Date of I-797 C Notice of Action: 03/08/2013 Service Center: Nebraska Date of Biometrics: April 2nd, 2013 9:00AM (No Early Walk In) Date of EAD Approval: 5/29/2013 Date of EAD Received: Pending..
  9. Just Happened.

    Just found out that my Brother and I have been approved!!!! Finally decided to check after a week of not doing so. A new chapter in our life begins. Thank God it didn't take as long as i thought it would. Would like to thank the community here for all the help that they were.
  10. Major Panic!!!! \o/

    Exactly whats going with my case :/ Close timeline also :]
  11. Biometrics

    1 Month and counting
  12. Still waiting on news applied sorta late in feb. Havent hear anything since bio's so hopefully i wont get RFE .
  13. Need A Question Answered

    Thank You! Can't add my cases to my portfolio since I still can't view the case status on them I will continue to try tho.
  14. Hello everyone my Brother and I can't view our cases online and when we try to add them to our case portfolio we are unable to do so. We also can't check our status either its been about 2 weeks after our bios and still nothing. We also sent the paper work to get updates on our phone and email but never received our bio notice through email or text. We just got a letter through the mail. Wondering if I should call in or not just kinda worried.
  15. Checking Status Online

    We have the same timeline from what i saw in the other post. I cant view my case status either :/ They told me to give it a week after bios if not to call in and they would check on it.