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  1. Job Resume Need Help

    Resume, Cover Letter, Salary History and Salary Requirements is all very hard. I need help too
  2. Some Advice.....

    Totally agree with you. Couldn't say it any better
  3. Can I Do My Taxes?

    In that case you case file for en extension
  4. Wow all my paperwork has only my first name middle initial and last name (dad's last name) That includes but not limited to school records, medical records, W-2's, tax returns and itin. Only on my birth certificate and matricula I have both last names. When i filed out my DACA app I only put my first name middle name and last name (dad's last name) and that is how it is on my EAD, SSN and DL. Actually my EAD has me full name (first name middle name and last name) and my SSN and DL only have first name middle initial and last name but I am not complaining lol
  5. Can I Do My Taxes?

    My opion is that you should do your taxes nomally with your itin. Reason is tht you can amend your return later on. You can file for an extension but if I am not incorrect you have to pay a fee and intrest if you owe money
  6. Sweety don't try that with me I am not child lol. Finance is my thing (FYI I am an accountant major) you want to talk about reading a book to "point out specifics" please do not insult my intelligence with that comment. Perhaps you are happy with your used car but I perfer my nice new car that I deserve after all of my hard work and I am not that foolish, know my limits. I have a clear knowledge of what I can and can not afford. I have owned cheap used cars just like the one you are starting with and I ended up spending more money into them with all the repairs. After all the money i have put into them I could have paid for a new car. One can start off small but as life goes on and your life progresses you need to move on to bigger and better things. Let me ask you a question what does your book say about buying a house? Does it tell you to get rent an apartment for the rest of your life? Or are you going to save money for for 50 years and still not be close enough to buy a house? Perhaps you might not see but in order to better yourself you need to have good credit. Yea if you go crazy maxing your credit cards knowing that you can't pay them off of course you will end up in debt and will need to read that book because your have ruined your ability to progess in life and better oneself. But hey everyone has the right to their own oppinion lol So more power to you and me for having different ways of thinking
  7. I understand you point of view and agree with you but we still need to build credit for when we are ready to buy a new car or a home. For the small things yea we can use our debit cards but we are not building credit. Unless you have millions in the bank there is no way you can pay out right a new car or home. So in that case we will need to appy for a loan. When someone applies for a mortgage for a home the bank checks our credit score, if we have no credit or bad credit either we get denied or we will end up paying high intrest rates. If we have good credit we end up paying less intrest. Also if we finance a car if we have no credit or bad credit same applies and if we have good credit we get great deals like 0% APR for X amount of years. So in reality we do need to build our credit but we need to do it wisely.
  8. thank you Actually you are right what really matters is the annual income most of the time quick question? Did you apply for Discover it or Discover it Student?
  9. I got that this one
  10. Newbie From Ny

    Welcome to the forum newbie! lol j/p hope you get approved soon
  11. What are your thoughts on this guys?
  12. State? City?

    I'm from NYC
  13. New York Approvals

    that sucks the thing you can do now is wait but try not to think about it too much it helps time fly
  14. New York Approvals

    Thanks bro When did you apply?
  15. New York Approvals

    Yea I go approved back in October