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  1. I had the worst experience today :( i went to take my writing test for the driving permit and some lady at the DMV lost my work authorization ID!!!! I was already home ready to cry when i decided to go back to the DMV and ask for it again and she had it!! She was very rude!

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    2. stolenlacs


      First time I went to the DMV The lady that "helped" me was so rude and did not want to help me I actually had to come back another day and finally I got someone who was happy to help and did his job!!! Glad everything worked out at the end but it shouldn't had been a bad experience just because she was having a bad day does nit mean she can ruin yours.

    3. outofmxny


      I am so sorry you had to deal with that, but glad you got the card back. Did you speak to her superior?

    4. cheated


      jeeeeze.. i would've knocked her out on the spot.. glad you found it though

  2. Itin Number

    I was just wondering, has anyone canceled their IITN number? I just got my ssn card today and i was just wondering how it went for you. I read in another forum that you can go to a tax representative and they can help you with that :/ I tried looking in the forum for something related to this but i didnt find anything.
  3. Allready got my card in the mail!!!! It only took 2 days to arrive.!! Im so happy(:

    1. stolenlacs


      Good for you!!!! Time to shine now!!

    2. Yureelee



    3. Bsosa


      Thank you!!!!!

  4. Thank you JESÚS!! Finally my card went into PRODUCTION!!!!

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    2. Bee1989


      how do you find out if it's in production or not

    3. Yureelee
    4. Bsosa


      Thanx everyone!!!!

      Bee1989 I got the email this morning but you can go online at USCIS.GOV and sign up to receive an email everytime there is a change in your case(:

  5. June 14, 2013 I was approved for I-821d and still nothing on my employment authorization. I'm always thinking about it and I'm worried
  6. I'm Starting To Worry...

    Sidfred02 thank you..i hope so(: its been 3 whole days
  7. I was approved for i821D and my i765 is still under review.But after reading some posts here im starting to worry because alot of people are getting approved for their ead(i765) first, and mine was te opposite
  8. Two Rfe's???

    Ive never heard of that and i hope it does'nt happen to anyone.
  9. Hi , I'm New To This Forum

    Welcome(: Don't worry its going to be ok(: as you can see ive been waiting for a while too(: GOOD LUCK(:
  10. Well today i got my approval letter for daca(: i really hope i dont have to wait too long for my EAD to get approved :/ ive read about dreamers waiting like 2 months. Its crazy!

    1. Cesarito90


      thats awesome congrats, i saw your timeline thats crazy u waited this long.. iam in the same case still waiting :/ lol

    2. Bsosa


      Thank you Cesarito... Patience is the hardest thing we have to do :(

  11. Approved!!

    Thank you guys(: my timeline is on my signature(:
  12. Today i was approved on the consideration of childhood arrival But the employment authorization is still on intial review. Has this happend to any of you guys??
  13. Major Panic!!!! \o/

    Ohh wow congratulations!(:
  14. What Schools Can We Attend?

    Thank you Pswa83. I wanted to attend Westech college and do a short career. But i will definetly call the admissions affice. Thank you very much. This was very helpful.