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  1. Man This Is Some Bull Sh*t

    Yes what Chris said, you start waiting from the date your applications was receive.
  2. My lawyer and I had a conversation the other day about USCIS calling. She told me they will call. She added that when I applied they didn't seem to investigate too much but now a lot of my clients that send in affidavits been receiving calls from USCIS.
  3. Most of the time if you have a work permit, you can apply for a social security number. I would think an employer would require a social number for one to be able to work. Does he have a social? If he does I would try getting a drivers license, unless the work permit he was authorized prohibited him from having one.
  4. Lost My Permit

    You actually you to re pay the $465 fee since they will make you retake your biometrics.
  5. Rescheduling Biometrics!!!

    Yes, about two weeks I pressured them to give it to me earlyer. Don't be scared they are NOT USCIS. They are just a a company haired by USCIS who thinks they are USCIS.
  6. Do You Carry???

    If I was you I wouldn't carry it. My cousin got her purse stolen from her car and she had to pay all the fees again. Plus the wait. Btw the paper that it came in specifically says "Do not carry with you." TIP: I took a picture of mine so if I ever need it I have it in my cell phone.
  7. How Much Is Your Car Insurance?

    @B923 You should try to get a quote from AAA. I'm paying $1,500 yearly. For two drivers. All state and all the other were charging me double of what AAA quoted me.
  8. How Much Is Your Car Insurance?

    AAA Insurance $130.00 2 Dreamer drivers (approved last year almost 1year with license) Just bought our first new car last weekend . 2013 Honda Accord EX-L Navi super super super nice vehicle.
  9. Itin Help

    I'm so sorry for all the misspelling. I'm typing from my phone and its hard to see it doesn't fit in the screen.
  10. Itin Help

    To be honest I'm not familiar with the contractor part. But if they asked you for the ITIN maybe that's all they need. Do you have one of those places that do taxes business near you? If you do just take your birth certificate & your I.D, and they will fill it out for you I don't think it's over $30.
  11. Itin Help

    I think your asking, if your able to work using an ITIN? No that is illegal. I know most employer recognize that an ITIN most of the time starts with 9, and won't allow you to use it. The only things you should use your ITIN for is to open a bank account, file taxes, and school three most common. You have do have the right to ask for an ITIN to the IRS when you are going to do your taxes the person whom is helping you will file an application and you receive it by mail then you finish filing your taxes.
  12. Go get a finger print scan google a place in your area. That will show you what your record will show USCIS.
  13. This is consider a crime. Since its fake and sometimes even use some else social. I personally think you should just start from the bottom. I have family in San Jose, CA and a dreamer got arrested when he try doing this process. I had a conversation with my lawyer before I knew about the dreamer situation, and she clearly to me, Do you want to get arrested? obviously no so she said to just keep the W2s. Since it is only going to benefit you when you retire. She also said to do in 20 years when they forget about our situation or just forget it since now you have one that's real and all my money will count from now on. But it's really up to the person, and/or the state.
  14. Did anyone here do Tax Amendments for years 2009 2010 2011?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Baby23


      Well you can't file for 2009 anymore the last day was April 15, 2013. You can still get a refund for 2010 and 2011. I did all three, and I'm expecting 5K but the IRS is too busy to send my refund right now it's been 8 weeks I have to wait four more. I was wondering how long was the wait for others?

    3. Tattoolouis517


      Ok so how does it work? Do you just go to a tax place ,and take ur new social?

    4. Baby23


      Yeah I personally think you should go for professional help. Take your W2s amd the prove of filling for those years with your new social. That's all you will need.

  15. How To File For Divorce In Ca?

    Okay thank you. This might be helpful