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  1. The Senate Passed Cir

    From what I understand dreamers will only pay the 500$ fee for the application my lawyer said as of right now we don't have to pay taxes back
  2. !!!!!!!

    It only passed the senate now its on to the house
  3. The Senate Passed Cir

    If u are approve for daca if its passed n everything is in place we will be ur application will be expidited or so I've heard
  4. 2013 Timelines/approvals

    Nebraska service center
  5. 2013 Timelines/approvals

    Feb14 app accepted 3/22 BIOS no walk in 5/15 approved
  6. How Long

    They will send you one in the next few days they usually send it 14 days before u gotta take it
  7. Is it possible to be addicted to tattoos ??

    1. Cesarito90


      some people yeah

    2. hunninutz


      ... Yeh.ive heard.best not to Start.

    3. pswa83


      i have 1 and dont really plan on getting any more. I, personally, just think about all the other things i can do with the money. My sister, on the other hand, does have a lot of tattoos. i just always think about like when I'm 80, what will my tattoo look like or what happens if i have to have surgery and my tattoo just happens to be where the doctor needs to cut. to each is own, i guess.

  8. Two Rfe's???

    Try n get ur school history from ur school before it closes for the summer
  9. !!!!!!!

    What about dreamers
  10. Social Security Shipping

    Depends on how quickly ur info is verified with dhs
  11. I'm Starting To Worry...

    They have up to 90 days after ur 821 is approve to approve 765 but sometimes it happens n other times it updates in a few days so don't worry
  12. going on vacation for a month then coming back to offically start working 40hrs a week lol boss man didnt wanna lose me so he grantes my request sorry spending time with my daughter is more important than working 60hrs a week ...

  13. Ssn Printout Question

    Call them first n make sure u were verified with uscis then tell them ur asking becuz u would like a print out of ur ssn
  14. Finally Approved!!! But...

    Give it a few hrs it will change if u weren't approve for I821d then you wouldn't of gotten I765
  15. Are You Still Waiting......

    Yea ill pray for u I was prepared to wait till September or October for my approval but it cane early lol just peat n don't check ur status cuz u will drive urself nuts