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  1. Renewing Daca Applications

    Omg a one month wondow for renewal is kinda scary. But still I hope every thing turns out good for every one.
  2. i need help answering my question :/

  3. Fafsa?

    Someone help me please, i went to enroll in cosmetology school and was signed up for fafsa and was told i was approved. then i went to school to take a test that cost $100 and then i started actual classes today. while i was there i got called to the office and the main lady told me that i cant get fafsa because my social security card says im only permitted to work. so she called uscis in front of me and they told her what D.A.C.A. was, so she told me to go back tomorrow and take my paperwork from daca with me so she can find out more about it. DO ANY OF YOU KNOW IF IM WAISTING MY TIME? IM SO CONFUSED. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?
  4. I haven't been on here for a minute. I hope you all are great \(^_^)/

    1. Heisenberg2


      hope you are great too :) !!!

  5. does anyone near lancaster ca know of any places hiring

  6. in search of new job

  7. got a job and start tuesday...not my ideal job but hey at least I get some job experience. I'll be demonstrating KIRBY vacuums. wish me luck guys :)

  8. I need help/advice with college. I want to go but I have no clue what I have to do.

    1. Socrules7


      What do you need help with?!

  9. it's so hard to get a job grrrr, anyone from riverside ca have the hook up? lol

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    2. lyssa


      Also online big company websites offer jobs..Example: In-n-out,cocacola,pepsi,ups,fedEx..etc.. good luck

    3. lyssa


      that's how I found mine :)

    4. Martha


      @sotero omg I would sooo love to but I have no car or ride :/

      @lyssa thank u I'll check it out

  10. Hi everyone, haven't been on in a while, the forum looks prettier. well I was wondering how much is it to get a driving learners permit in California?

  11. what documents do I take to get my I.D.? how much do they charge I'm in California

  12. what did you take when you applied for an ssn?

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    2. JoseG


      Birth Certificate and EAD.

    3. chrzt1an


      i took my passport

    4. engineer2mike


      Jose is right! I just needed the Birth Certificate & EAD Card :)

  13. question, on the ssn application what dp I Mark under citizenship ? would it be "other" ?

    1. Amber


      I left it blank. I meant to ask the lady while I was there but she was so RUDE to me that I completely forgot to ask her. So it stayed blank.. but I'm sure she filled it out herself once she put all my info into the system. I checked a few websites but everyone was giving me different answers. Ask while you're there :)

    2. JoseG


      The correct answer would be, Legal Alien Allowed To Work.

    3. Martha


      @joseG i thought we aren't "legal" aliens?

  14. form AR-11, Aliens change of address card There is a part that asks "i am in the united states as a: □Visitor, □Permanent resident, □Student, □other____(specify)" I'm guessing I would check the "other" box but what do I write in it? Also there is a part that asks "i work for or attend school at: (emloyers name or name of school)" What should I put there ? because I currently don't have a job nor am I in school. :/ And last there is one part that asks "of not a permanent resident, my stay in the U.S. expires on: (date-mm/dd/yyyy)" In that part do I write the day my D.A.C A. Expires? Please help me with this if u can I appreciate it very much thank you
  15. in CA do they charge to get the SSN? I just got my EAD card today.

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    2. Martha


      Lol ok thank u

    3. kayej87
    4. JoseG


      The Social Security Administration is a federal agency, so it is the same throughout all of the states. There is no fee to apply for an SSN.