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  1. Hey Whats Up! Newbie Here

    Woooow congrats on ur approval and welcome to the forum
  2. happy thanksgiving!!!!

  3. happy thursday everyone!!!!

  4. Ss Number Changing Drama At Work

    all i tell my manager is the I need it to update my I-9 cuz I need it to change my social and she ask me if she can ask why and I said no but i tell her that it was a very confidential matter that's all
  5. The Name's Alex! Nice To Meet You!!!

    Welcome to the forum alex and good luck and if u have any question just ask!
  6. yay I got approved for discover credit card!!!!

  7. I Been Approved =>

    yay congrats!!!!
  8. on 5-20-13 is going to be my 60days RFE deadline so uscis can come with a decision on my case I hope to hear something b4 the day :/

    1. kayej87


      Marco all I can say is P.U.S.H = Pray Until Something Happens !!!

    2. marco12


      u are so right kayyej87 I need have Faith I know god will answer my prayers ;)

  9. Checked My Status And Im Finally Approved

    yay congrats!!!!
  10. Rfe Question.

    as long in the doctors notes said "mom was preset " yes my sister sent them and she got approved
  11. :(
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. marco12


      life is not going to way i plan it to be its not about daca right now daca is the less of my problems right now

    3. erika020


      aww, cheer up. sometimes things don't go like we planned them to be, but better things will come :) you'll see :) and if you ever need someone to talk to, well here I am ^_^

    4. marco12


      thank u Erika it.means alot

  12. happy Saturday every one!

    1. Calidreamer
    2. marco12


      @calidreamer thanks!

  13. Im New To This Forum

    hey I am from san diego too and welcome to tje forums and good luck on ur application