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  1. but that still wasnt the question. the question was, has anyone been approved with a misdemeanor.
  2. ^^

    1. Bee1989


      hope you're okay with the storm and stuff. stay safe

  3. Some Arcade Competition?

    i think thats a good idea. which games are you talking about.
  4. Hi, where have you been ????? haven't seen you in a while hope everything is ok :D

    1. Bee1989


      Hey Luna. Ive been just really busy and tired lately. I get on late on here and you're never here. How are you. How did biometrics go?

  5. Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    whyyy me luna lol. And you kept saying gangman style the whole time i didnt even realize. But yeah, lets have couple more ideas and vote...
  6. Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    alright if gangnam style wins, you guys realize that theres only gonna be like 3 people competing right...
  7. Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    im in for drawing... but if gangnam style wins, i'll consider...luna.
  8. We going to dance gangman style :D

    1. Bee1989



  9. Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    not everyone can dance yo...
  10. Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    do a song or a rap about dreamers
  11. Your First Car after Deferred Action

    well i probably cant afford a benz, bmw, camaro and all that. I would probably just get a honda or toyota. Something affordable yet reliable. But if the gas prices decrease, then maybe something more fancy...
  12. For anyone who already have taken their biometrics test, what should we expect?
  13. Welcome to the forums Bee1989 :)