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  1. Hawaii Anyone??

    Hi i went this month and is very beatiful i stayed 1 week in hawaii and 1 week in maui,Is very gorgeus ,and going thru the airport is easy i took my state ID only
  2. Steve King and his xenophobic comments have no place in the Immigration Committee. Tell John Boehner to remove him from his position of authority in the immigration debate:

  3. GOP Steve King is a ASSHOLE !

    1. pswa83
    2. Gezinha


      he is a respectable man in politics should ever say anything like that

    3. engineer2mike
  4. Oh yea got hired at staples :D

  5. Is credit score 1200 bad?

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    2. JoseG


      990 for VantageScore. 850 for FICO.

    3. Admin


      I checked mine and its 640.

    4. Santi


      hahaahahaahha - that was funny...I have a credit score of 2 million and five, is that good?

  6. When are we going to know from the immigration reform if they are going to aproved or not?

    1. erika020


      we don't really know yet because the House rejected the bill passed by the senate. So now the House wants to come up with their own bill, but from what some of the Rep from the House have said, they want to do it by parts :/ but nothing is a "for sure" yet, they're still "trying" to come up with their own bill :/

    2. pswa83


      the house didnt reject it. they didnt even vote on it. they "rejected" it in theory. The house wants to do a piece by piece immigration bill instead of a step by step process like the senate. The House does support a path for Dreamers and spouses of Veterans.

  7. Tell the House: Act now to pass immigration reform! sign the petition:

  8. Visa Overstays

    My process took about 3 months i came to the us on november 23,2003 ,I just send it my visa photocopy,passport and my I-94
  9. Immigration reform bill: Senate on verge of historic vote :D

  10. Taking my behind the wheel test tomorrow i hope i pass :D

  11. Hi do i need to have a credit history to open a phone account with any career? i ask this cuz i have been applying for chase,and discover and i dont get aproved :/

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    2. erika020


      @Stephen .. yup it's really expensive! my sister had to pay $400 for the deposit with verizon plus $99 which was the cost of the phone so that was way too much! :/

    3. StephenB3


      Agreed I'm currently paying 50 a month for Samsung G2 so I'm happy (prepaid).Just got to get a job and get myself a car. Which would just make my life complete till reform passes.

    4. erika020


      that's not bad! well best of luck at finding a job! :) and lets hope it does ! :)

  12. Why does my Permit driving says Expires 6/18/14 does my driving permit expires or DL?

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    2. theaviator360


      thanks alot,i hope i get it for 5 years,cuz my id is for 6 years

    3. pswa83

      pswa83 go on a busy day and hope they rush you

    4. theaviator360
  13. Senate votes to begin historic immigration reform debate

  14. Just bought my plane ticket to hawaii,Im so excited :D

    1. hunninutz


      .. I have a adremact feed back inquiries on the bottom of the homepage

      .could you tell us and share your travel experience

    2. theaviator360
  15. So are they going to stop giving the deferred action ?