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  1. So, my question is, to renew DACA, do I have to submit all the initial evidence again plus the two years I have been granted, or how will this process be?

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    2. Tonatiuh609


      dude im on the same boat , this week i`ll go see my lawyer see wuzup

    3. EnJR


      That's what I think, that we won't need to submit the initial evidence but probably they will be updating their website assume as the renewals become due, guessing late june to july perhaps.

    4. roadrunner11


      We probably won't have to submit new evidence but we will have to do biometrics once again. The renewal process has to be done 90 days before the expiration date on our permits so for those expiring in the fall we need to do it around June or July.

  2. Long time no see, hope everyone is doing good!

  3. I Was Approved

    You'll probably get approved soon
  4. You can still get a driver's license in FL. Haven't heard of anyone been declined yet in FL.
  5. Feeling awesome. 4 Job interviews! Hopefully I'll get the one I'm interested the most :)

    1. engineer2mike


      Hopefully!! I've been sending tons of resumes. We'll catch something bc the hard part is behind us:)

  6. Email From Uscis Today!!

    That means they're working on your case. They'll probably approve you very very soon, that happened to me on a friday and on monday I got the approval. Good luck.
  7. Just got a job :) Honestly I feel like this has gone way too fast, I got my SSN, DL, EAD and a JOB within two weeks of being approved.

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    2. Luna


      Awesome :)

    3. Luna


      Awesome :)

    4. EnJR


      Lol It really is! Everyday there's something new and totally is different

  8. Update; for any other Florida applicant, you can get your driver's license with just a print out of you SSN.
  9. Went to the SSA to get a print out, went to the DMV to renew and already got my Laminated DL Back :)

    1. lyssa


      Congrats! : )

    2. engineer2mike


      Congrats JR!!!

    3. EnJR



  10. That's what I heard, supposedly Florida does not require the actual card, but anyways, I'll just give it a try tomorrow and see what happens.
  11. So I've been reading this entire thread, still, I have one question, if I get the print out before my card arrives, can I go to the DMV and renew my DL with just the numbers or do I have to wait for the actual card?
  12. I never got the email or text and I already have my EAD.
  13. Just got my EAD today, tomorrow sounds like a good day for the SSA :)

    1. roadrunner11


      Hey congrats I didn't know you had been approved this is great news!!

  14. New Advance Parole Form

    Even for people with legal status that require an advanced parole, USCIS does not grant the re-entry if they leave the country.
  15. Paystubs As Evidence

    Like someone here said, if you deposited them, use the bank statements, as to a letter from your old job, it would work more as an affidavit than an evidence, try and get the bank statements, that's what I recommend