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  1. lol if youre in LA then good luck. depends what part of LA youre in tho
  2. How Much Is Your Car Insurance?

    yeah but if you get it new just hold off for a year before you throw in the good stuff. i took and passed my behind the wheel test with the frs lol the instructor was this old asian dude that had a thing for subarus
  3. the written test was easy, the behind the wheel test even easier. Its like impossible to fail either
  4. How Much Is Your Car Insurance?

    dude, youre going to love the brz. my brother has an frs and my goodness my erection has never been so hard than when he lets me drive it. which isnt often
  5. life has been so great to me since i got approved.

  6. generalization is funny until someone gets offended then they ruin everything.
  7. i know how you feel. all my friends are losers who dont take advantage of being an american citizen
  8. checking my case status and seeing it on initial review is my favorite part of my day! :D

    1. Luna


      Totally agree :o I stopped checking my status I think I will just wait for any kind of response in the mail !!!

    2. Serg4u


      lol yeah i usually do it like every 4 or 5 days just in case and nothing cahnges haha

  9. i got 7 sutures on my forearm and now im watching the 1st season of yugioh. wow im living the life...

    1. franklin.m


      yugioh??? wut r u 7?

    2. Calidreamer


      What happened to you @serg?! If you are watching cartoons I recommend Looney tunes lol

      Maybe he is an a really bad high @ franklin!

    3. Serg4u


      had an accident at work. id upload a pic of the open wound but i think its too graphic lol. im taking pain medication so i decided to watch yugioh because i liked it when i was a kid

  10. just had a wisdom tooth pulled out. soo when does the bleeding stop?

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    2. franklin.m


      really???? thas ur question.......

    3. Rawf


      Have ice cream!

    4. Calidreamer


      One word MOJITO!! Lolz

  11. Welcome to the forums Serg4u :)