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  1. Hi everyone., hope you all are doing good. I have a question, Has anyone here applied for advance parole and got approved yet? if so, have you travel outside the USA and return? Can you please share your story. I was approved last year and was thinking to travel to my country of origin for my dearest niece graduation.... Hope to hear from you guys....
  2. Looking For Job

    Hello all dreamers!!! I hope you all are doing well, and keep getting approved. I am looking for some advice. After a long stressful time waiting time for my work permit, I finally got approved. However, I found myself helpless in finding a job. I graduated from college in 2010 in business/finance/ management. I haven't been lucky on my job search. I really don't know where to start. I have tried craigslist, monster, and career builder, applied some jobs and send resume and cover letter with no success.... I have been thinking perhaps reach out some employment service company- an institution that helps individuals finding a job- but I don't know any one.... If anyone here have had this experience before, id appreciate your advice. Please any advice and ideas will be very significant for me..... Thank you all for taking your time reading this desperate post.... Gino
  3. Where do you look to find a new job?

    hey forgot to ask you the legit site to the job hunters.... can you please?
  4. Where do you look to find a new job?

    Thank you for your advice Santi. Hope i find something that i really like doing....still brainstorming...I am gonna give it a try to the job hunters...
  5. Where do you look to find a new job?

    Hi Santi, how work going? i hear you start you new job on May first... I am also on the job hunt and was wondering if this job hunters really work...let me know man...thanx
  6. Receiving Ssn In Nj

    yes JoseG i got my social in five days. Applied on Monday; got it on friday... next stop, motor and vehicle office..
  7. Receiving Ssn In Nj

    Hi all I was wondering how long it takes to get your new SSN card after you have applied. I am from new jersey and would like to know how fast the SSA office work here...Anyone from Jersey??
  8. My Story

    congratulations man! lets get the best out of it!
  9. What Kinds Of Jobs?

    i have been working in the restaurant business since i was 17yo went from washing dishes to waiting tables, i have sought something different without much success, especially after a graduated from college. Hopefully all the will change soon...
  10. does anybody have gone thought this yet? Id like to transfer all the good credit i have created with my ITIN and passport number to the new SSN, can anybody please give me some personal experience advice?
  11. congratulations rawf! can i ask about how much credit discovery give you on that particular card? i just want to have an idea ....Thanx
  12. Ssn Question

    Yep well said rawf. There is no need to wait, well i am not waiting. Ill be going as soon as i have a chance!
  13. :''( Why God??

    i have a feeling it's a mistake then. It's not the first time they have made other mistakes. Wait and see what the letter says. Dont panic...keep positive!!