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  1. ok so its been 1 year and 7 months and still initial review :/ don't know what to do ..... anybody goin throu the same situation??

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    2. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      frank where can I send them an email?

    3. Frankdahtank


      call them and they will give u an email they send my paper work to Nebraska not sure if yours is the same Ale

    4. Frankdahtank


      i have the nebraska email

  2. Today its 1 year and 1 month of waiting for an approval :/ got transfered a month ago from vermont to nebraska.... Anybody going thro the same??

  3. Oficially 1 year and 1 month of waiting for those

  4. My case was transfer to nebraska after almost 11 months od waiting for an approval :/

    1. marco12


      hopefully they can approved u faster!!! hang in there buddy

    2. engineer2mike
  5. Going for the 10th month..... still waiting :/ fuk it!!!

    1. Bahamagirl


      did you call uscis?

    2. Cesarito90


      dam,today i go on my 9th month :/ this is bs bro

  6. Deferred Action Case Still In Review!

    The samethin to me i sent my app on august 29 and took my bios on sep 24 and my case is in vermont..... And still waiting!!!
  7. 9 months and 6 days since i sent my app and still initial review ............

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    2. erika020


      really! 9 months =S .... it will come!

    3. Alequiroz


      Contact your congress person, it helped me out :) Good luck!

    4. Cesarito90


      i contacted my congress representative they couldnt do nothing for me, they told me that uscis told them they had to wait.... good luck tho..i live in miami as well and iam on my 8th month it sucks!

  8. 6 Months From App Received Or Bio?

    They Receive my app on august 29, take My bios on september 24, and still waiting :/. C'mon vermont!!!!
  9. Alguien mas lleno su aplicasion con el abogado mario lobos??

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    2. Calidreamer


      Are you getting a bad feeling?

    3. Rawf


      Why would you lol. But no.

    4. Sebarmas91


      Because i almost hav 6 months waiting i nada :/ btw my case is on vermont..........

  10. App receivd: august 29 Bios: september 24 App sent to vermont........ STILL INITIAL REVIEW :/

    1. jimenezerika


      you been waiting along time :( me and my friend sent our application on sept i sent mine the sept 27 and she sent hers like the 25 , she did bios nov5 , and i did bios nov 8 nd she got approved jan3 ... wish you luck! :) and am still in initial review! :/

    2. Sebarmas91


      Did u got aprovd yet?

    3. jimenezerika
  11. App receivd: august 29 Bios: september 24 App sent to vermont........ STILL INITIAL REVIEW :/
  12. Already 4 months and 7 days and havnt been aprovd yet..... dnt know wat to do :/

    1. latinagirl


      hang in there is coming lets be patience !! I know is hard but is going to happened good luck to you!

  13. Another day without been approvd :/

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    2. erika020


      I agree with them ^^ :/ especially knowing that my sisters got their approval already and they did their bios like 9 days after me :( ... it only makes me more anxious! :(

    3. splif0clock


      erika I know the exact felling, you are going throw. My sis was approved back in October n I am still waiting ... I have no words to describe the feeling. :\

    4. erika020


      @ splif0clock : exactly :/ but I really hope our approval comes soon !

  14. Still waiting :/

    1. erika020


      Same here :/ ... but hopefully soon the wait will be over... can't wait for that day :) Good luck :)

    2. pankaj