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  1. Great thanks for that information. That means if I want to but a car under my name I cannot get a loan yet. But its a start
  2. Did anyone tried to get a credit score with their new social security number? I tried every single website and I cannot get anything. Is it because the number is still new and we have to build the score?
  3. got my NJ DL :):) it was tough !!!

    1. NilviaRR
    2. Gino10


      How did it go paul?? In the documentation side did they give you hard time? What type of documents fis they ask you? I live in north Jersey too. Let me know man... Congrat by the way!! ;)

    3. roadrunner11
  4. Failed my Written DL test!! NJ is really tough. 50 questions !:)

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    2. erika020


      aww :( sorry to hear that

    3. Rawf


      Awwwwww better luck next time .I want to try it myself lol.

    4. NilviaRR


      Aww, don't worrry bout it! just study lots and you'll get it next try!! :D

  5. yey got my SS in the mail today. Going for DL Monday :)

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    2. Fredo87


      i would suggest to call and see if with that you can do the road test... good luck

    3. REPutation


      I love how you are seriously taking advantage of this great opportunity, in lack of better words. Im right behind u!

    4. JamRock


      COngrats! Still studying this book and waiting for those 9 digits. cross my fingers, maNana!

  6. Today I applied for SS# :)

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    2. roadrunner11
    3. itzel
    4. paul86


      congrats :) as soon as I have it in the mail I have to go to DMV. NJ 6 points process is so confusing :(

  7. Got my Card in the mail :D Off to SS Office on Monday :)!!!

    1. Rh_ny


      Congrats !!

    2. roadrunner11


      Paul that is awesome now go out there and make us all dreamers proud!! Cheers!

    3. itzel



  8. Problem solved. On October 17, 2012, we mailed the new card directly to the address we have on file.

  9. Any one had any problem with receiving Work Authorization Card in mail?

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    2. itzel


      I agree with pswa83 and Aled on this one Paul. You need to call USCIS with the number you asked for previously and inquire about your case. All the rest of us that have received the EAD card have gone through the same process. As soon as its put into production and picked up by USPS we received it within 3-5 days max. Im sorry youre going through this but youll have to push USCIS if you really want to know whats going on with your EAD.

    3. paul86


      Yes finally. On October 17, 2012, we mailed the new card directly to the address we have on file. I called them, the guy on the other line was very helpful.

    4. itzel



  10. Grrr. Did not receive my card yet... I called the office and made inquiry and now have to wait 15 days... :(

    1. Rh_ny


      What did they tell you ? I hope you get iyour EAD sooner!

    2. paul86


      My website status doesn't show that is in production. I got my notice on October 2nd. I called today because its been to long. I know other people got their cards within 5 days after the notice.

    3. Rh_ny


      I hope they resolve the issue.

  11. Still don't have my card... what number to call? Any one has same issue?

    1. itzel


      This is the USCIS # 1-800-375-5283. Theyll ask you for your case # and be sure and stress out that its been 7 days since your EAD was mailed to you and you have not received it. Good luck.

    2. paul86
  12. Ohhh... I guess you have to be outside. But I had family members that were in USA and they got lawyers and through them they didn't have to leave the country and they received their green cards.
  13. Having deferred action approved is it possible to apply for DV 2014 lottery. Will that help us get green card if we get to be the lucky pick?
  14. Still waiting for my card in a mail... its been week and nutting. :(

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    2. C_Air23


      Where you from Paul?

    3. pswa83


      yeah, mine showed that USPS picked it up and i got a text saysing the same thing.

    4. paul86


      I will call Monday, I received letter in mail on the 2nd with approval so I thought to give couple days for card

  15. Post funny images!