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  1. Hey guys, I need help in getting an apartment and I just wanted to know if I am eligible to apply for housing with Deferred Action OR is there is another alternatives. Please I really need this information...
  2. This is my 4 day at work.... Finallyy!!

    1. Calidreamer


      Very Happy for you!

  3. Boston Bombing Discussion

    you have your doubts right?... Do your own research and see I'm not lying,,, As a matter of fact read this book called "Behold A Pale Horse" - By William Cooper.... Everything is there..... Or look it up on youtube Also look for Alex Jones or go to Infowars.com
  4. Boston Bombing Discussion

    Watch the video I posted..... It's in their agenda.... Everything is a setup,, FALSE FLAG. What sadden me the most is the media trying to cover up all these lies..... The TV news and government are LIARS!
  5. Say my name, say my name ‘Cause those other men are practice...

    1. Calidreamer


      And this ain't no time for acting

      And this ain't no time for games

  6. A senator already said it, this has nothing to do with the Immigration reform. Please stop this rumor!!
  7. Boston Bombing Discussion

    INSIDE JOB!.... The FBI contacted him (the first guy, dead).... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEYoxwllFKc If any of you guys are confused or don't believe in this, message me.
  8. By the way, this will not affect the immigration reform, why? yes they are immigrant but legal immigrant not illegal.
  9. Seens like the main link for the forum doesn't work, I though I was banned...

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    2. Rawf


      side = site

    3. Wisedevil22


      @Admin - the link that starts with "forum" doesn't work.

    4. JoseG


      That forum link was changed about a month ago. It's now just adreamact.com

  10. I would like to know who loves to read books here?

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    2. Santi


      Loco - dejame decite una bbaina...mis escritore faborito son Felixcumbe, y el mayimbe loco - ya tu sabe como es! Catch me cruising on the FDR!

    3. erika020
    4. Wisedevil22


      haha ta pasao @Santi... Everyone please I recommend you to read this book "Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper"... This is for open minded people... and is based on true events.

  11. Job Searching and more...

    I've applying at many places and is soo hard when you do not have work experience/history....
  12. I've been following this war between these two from the beginning. However, if N.K attend something against the US and US fight back, this will start the beginning of War World 3. But there is something going on here, North Korea knows that they can't win against US even though they have thousand and thousand of soldiers, my question is; Why Kim Jon is insisting in provoking us? Why continue this suicidal war?..... I don't man but Kim Jon is up to something... He is not that stupid. There are rumors that Iran is helping and sharing enrichment and nuclear technology with North Korea. Allies? Who knows.