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  1. Credit Cards?

    I applied for a secured one the other day, I went in person they just asked me for my debit card and that's it, which is from the same bank.
  2. I did hear though that right after we get the permanent residence we can immediately apply for citizenship.
  3. Social Securty Diffrent??

    Mine starts with a 3
  4. 13-Year Max For Citizenship

    I read on the memo that Dreamers and people who work in agriculture won't follow the same procedures as the rest.
  5. After Obama's Inaguration...
  6. what's your new year resolution?

    Get my permit, and start working out again. Gotta get readyy for summer ;p
  7. Did you request a name change or something? Never heard of this before...
  8. I don't think Obama is going to let us down this year, let's be hopeful that congress will get over this once and for all!!!!!!
  9. so wait...

    If those documents have your name and a date it should be fine..
  10. That's really weird. They got my application August 21st, and everything is already done, EAD, ssn, ID. Maybe you can try asking them why they need extra time for processing?
  11. so wait...

    I sent stuff from my I-94 Visa from when i first got here and all school records, elementary school to now which is college. If for example you send info from 2005,2006,2007 and then skip to 09 they will send u an RFE to show proof that u were here in 2008.
  12. Dream Act is expected to be re-introduced

    I think anyone who got approved for DACA will be allowed to get the Dream Act. Because in DACA even after you turn 32 you will be able to renew you EAD. Hopefully they allow the same for the Dream Act =D don't worry, we are all basically in !!
  13. The 2013 Dream Act is expected to be re-introduced by both chambers of Congress in January 2013, just shortly after the President's Inauguration. The original Bill, called the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (The "DREAM Act") was first introduced in the US Congress in 2001, with the last Bill introduced in both the Senate and House in 2011. Hopefully we won't have to renew our EAD and get permanent residence already!!