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  1. I applied for Capital One Cash Rewards for Newcomers Credit Card
  2. I applied for it and I didn't qualify. They're mailing me a letter about it.
  3. I don't know how to, where to look for a damn job. I applied and nothing.

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    2. Rawf


      Job Agencies are very effective.

    3. Raul


      I'll go tomorrow to an agency and see what they got. Thanks guys.

    4. Heisenberg2
  4. I only received one approval letter, the I-821D. I guess I'll be calling them
  5. Update! Form I765

    Congrats! Glad it was quick after loosing precious time by the RFE.
  6. Anyone in Illinois got drivers license or ID? what documents are required?

    1. JoseG


      You can see what you can use in this link.

      You can use your EAD and SSN card to satisfy Group A, B and C, then you must bring 2 documents to meet Group D.


  7. Two weeks and still no damn social! To top it off, my mailman won't leave mail if there's snow in the entrance..........

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    2. franklin.m


      calidreamer wuts the number???nyo kiero llamar

    3. Raul


      If I could, I would.I don't own the building. I'm going to call Monday

    4. roadrunner11


      Hey Raul go ahead and order another if it is not here in a few more days. I had to do that because somehow the mailman misplaced my first copy. God knows who got the letter and has my card 0_o They will send you another one.

  8. I applied today for my social, can I get my number before they mail the card? I really need a job..........

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    2. erika22


      I went on Friday and they just gave me a paper that states my ssc should arrive within 2 weeks so hoping its less than that maybe ill go try and go tomorrow to see if they could tell me what number I got that would be really cool

    3. Raul


      Yeah same here. I'll probably go Thursday

    4. Beebee


      U should just wait u get ur social really quick well at least I did

  9. Girls Smoking

    I don't smoke cancer sticks. I can tolerate people smoking near me but if I don't like them I start coughing loudly and walk away. :-P Jk lol
  10. Tracking info states I was suppose to receive my EAD today, I didn't receive it...........

    1. Calidreamer


      Does it give you a tracking #? Perhaps it has arrived @ your local post office today, and it may get delivered tomorrow

    2. Raul


      Yeah they give a tracking number. I hope tomorrow I get it.

    3. erika22


      Really don't tell me that Im supposed to get mines tomorrow according to my tracking number

  11. Rfe Of Education

    He's taking the test at the end of February. To get the results back takes over a month, that's what they've told him. Might be enough time to send it before the deadline.
  12. Rfe Of Education

    Yes, he just received a second RFE. The RFE states the records do show he's enrolled in the GED program. Also he sent a letter from the school but it did not have the information of the duration of the program. Jose, how did you deal with your sisters RFE? Was it for the same information being requested?
  13. So I Got A R.f.e. Today -___-

    How about dated mail under your name, catalogs. Did you buy anything from a store and they took your name and address? You can get statements from them. How about letters from employers, anything with your name, date and address would work.
  14. My brother has received two RFEs and they want proof of a GED. He's enrolled in a GED program and he sent everything that he's received from the school, schedule, grades, copy of application for the GED test, including a letter stating he's enrolled. Does anybody know what exactly to send to prove he's enrolled in a GED program? Thank you.
  15. Rfe

    thanks to you and other people here, you helped me out a lot roadrunner :-)