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  1. Help!!!

    Have you tried doing a service request?
  2. Approval Email.

    Yes it does work. I got a txt message then the email.
  3. About 2 Hours Ago...

  4. About 2 Hours Ago...

    congrats!!! I just received my approval notice today. Hope we get more approvals for the people still waiting.
  5. My I765 was finally approved!!! super excited =)

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    2. erika020
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    4. LALY86


      Thanks guys =)

      Analee02 i got a text and also an email notification. They received my application on 10/26/12, Bios 11/30/12

  6. Approved... Yes!

  7. Ok so i just called again and they told me that i couldnt do a service request for form I821D because it was still within the processing time. But they did do a service request for form I765. That I should get a response by May 17. Hopefully its good news and not just a "keep waiting" letter. Keeping my fingers crossed
  8. When i tried doing the service request i also got those 2 options. I called them and they said that I couldn't do one because it was still within the normal processing time. =/
  9. California?

    it will be 6 months of waiting tomorrow. Im trying to stay positive but its too hard sometimes. Specially when they dont give you any updates an all they say is to wait. =/
  10. Ladies & Gentlemen, Guess What....

    congrats!!! =)
  11. Im very confuse regarding the waiting period. I keep reading posts to wait 6 months before calling to ask about my paperwork status. My question is, Do i wait 6 months from the date they received my application or 6 months after I did my Biometrics? Help!!!
  12. I Finally Got Approved!!!!