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  1. Hi everyone, id like to creat a poll in order to figure out why some dreamers are waiting longer than others for their approval notice. I dont know if i am mistaken but i have a feeling that age is the one that is causing delays on our case status. If you are on your late 20s or 30yo and have not been approved and have been waiting longer than the average number of people approved here, (such as more than 30days since your bio appointment) please please leave a comment here. Lets find out if age matters in this approval process.... Thank you for your time....
  2. Hi everyone. i am new in this forum and very happy to have found it. As everyone here, i am also a dreamer who is fighting against this lack of documentation backlog.I have earned my GED and have already graduated from a four-year college in 2010. Currently, i am also in this journey to obtain my work permit which will give me so much satisfaction. I have also sent my application to the USCIS. My current status; well, i just had my fingerprints taken today Oct 26. yay!! I was really surprise that all this biometric appointment took less than 20 minutes. Everything went smoothly. Id like to ask a question here, i would be so glad if anyone could give some answers or ideas: Well, this is my second attempt to become documented in this county. In 2001, i embarked in this new immigration law a the time, the 245-i. With no success. My representative "lawyer" at the was a scam. We were just just a little further than the beginning of the case and after a couple thousand dollar paid, my lawyer took off. She left me in the limbo. However, my application was actually sent in. Immigration had my info. i had even a case number. I checked it on the immigration website and it said my case was frozen something like that. I also got a letter from immigration requesting more info from the employment department. I was so naive at the time and i barely spoke English that i decided to leave it like that. Couple years later, when i felt more confident, i contacted another lawyer to see if he could do something about it. After i paid him a couple thousands, he suggested that i needed to be hire by another employer in order to reopen my case. who is gonna hire me just to give me papers? So i just left it there again. Now, i was just wondering if i happen to be approved with deferred action, do you think i could reopen that case that i opened in 2001? if so, would that be possible to enjoy those benefits that the 245-i provides, which they are, if im not mistaken, more beneficial than what deferred action provides? i dont know, any suggestions? I'll appreciate any feed back... Thank you guys again for developing this forum... I
  3. Hi everyone., hope you all are doing good. I have a question, Has anyone here applied for advance parole and got approved yet? if so, have you travel outside the USA and return? Can you please share your story. I was approved last year and was thinking to travel to my country of origin for my dearest niece graduation.... Hope to hear from you guys....
  4. Looking For Job

    Hello all dreamers!!! I hope you all are doing well, and keep getting approved. I am looking for some advice. After a long stressful time waiting time for my work permit, I finally got approved. However, I found myself helpless in finding a job. I graduated from college in 2010 in business/finance/ management. I haven't been lucky on my job search. I really don't know where to start. I have tried craigslist, monster, and career builder, applied some jobs and send resume and cover letter with no success.... I have been thinking perhaps reach out some employment service company- an institution that helps individuals finding a job- but I don't know any one.... If anyone here have had this experience before, id appreciate your advice. Please any advice and ideas will be very significant for me..... Thank you all for taking your time reading this desperate post.... Gino
  5. Receiving Ssn In Nj

    Hi all I was wondering how long it takes to get your new SSN card after you have applied. I am from new jersey and would like to know how fast the SSA office work here...Anyone from Jersey??
  6. does anybody have gone thought this yet? Id like to transfer all the good credit i have created with my ITIN and passport number to the new SSN, can anybody please give me some personal experience advice?
  7. I am speechless, cant say anything else than just i got approved! waiting for more than six months finally paid off.... Dont lose hope boys and girls....Recuerden que la fe mueve montanas!!!
  8. Hi everybody, id like to know if anybody here has made an infopass appointment with USCIS? I have one scheduled for tomorrow in Newark NJ and i am wondering what to expect. My appointment is regarding to my employment authorization case status. It has been five months and no news. Please if someone here has experienced an infopass appointment, leave me some suggestions.....I'll appreciate it!!
  9. Where do you look to find a new job?

    hey forgot to ask you the legit site to the job hunters.... can you please?
  10. Where do you look to find a new job?

    Thank you for your advice Santi. Hope i find something that i really like doing....still brainstorming...I am gonna give it a try to the job hunters...
  11. Where do you look to find a new job?

    Hi Santi, how work going? i hear you start you new job on May first... I am also on the job hunt and was wondering if this job hunters really work...let me know man...thanx
  12. Receiving Ssn In Nj

    yes JoseG i got my social in five days. Applied on Monday; got it on friday... next stop, motor and vehicle office..
  13. My Story

    congratulations man! lets get the best out of it!
  14. What Kinds Of Jobs?

    i have been working in the restaurant business since i was 17yo went from washing dishes to waiting tables, i have sought something different without much success, especially after a graduated from college. Hopefully all the will change soon...
  15. congratulations rawf! can i ask about how much credit discovery give you on that particular card? i just want to have an idea ....Thanx
  16. Ssn Question

    Yep well said rawf. There is no need to wait, well i am not waiting. Ill be going as soon as i have a chance!
  17. :''( Why God??

    i have a feeling it's a mistake then. It's not the first time they have made other mistakes. Wait and see what the letter says. Dont panic...keep positive!!
  18. Approved Unexpectedly!!

    not really, i think i waited 3 weeks, i did it last friday as a matter of fact.
  19. Approved Unexpectedly!!

    dont stop insisting,; give it a couple of weeks! Also try infopass, where u can personally visit an immigration office and talk to representative face to face. He'll help u with sending a letter request. Dress properly! Good luck!
  20. Approved Unexpectedly!!

    service request:is when--through a USCIS representative on the phone-- you send a letter requesting the status of your case you do that when your employment authorization hasnt been approved in a matter of 90 days from that time your application has been received by USCIS the question is whether it helps or not; well deff doesnt hurt to do it. i consider it as a wake up call for the office where your case is being processed... I strongly suggest it to everyone here. I did it two times... good luck!
  21. Approved Unexpectedly!!

    uscis received my application on sept 21, 2012walked in bios oct 26 california immigration office did service request on Feb 28 and infopass on feb 29 got a keep waiting letter response a week or two weeks later got my approval text and emails April 1st around between 6pm and 11pm at nite... Happy now! By the way i got NO RFE
  22. Approved Unexpectedly!!

    give it sometimes, if you dont get any answers after three weeks of your service request, id suggest you to do another service wont hurt!
  23. Approved Unexpectedly!!

    i received the notices through texts first, few minutes later i got three emails...@laste31 yes i did service request about little over a month ago...I actually did another service request last week on good friday. I dont think the last request was even received....Good luck to all of you!!! tengan fe!