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  1. A todos los aprovados muchas felicidades y a los que siguen esperando creanme que vale la pena adelante y mucha suerte a todos!!

  2. thinking about applying at a hospital :) but i need a car too!!

  3. Denial Becuz...

    good luck to you and i hope you get to re apply on your own and get approved!
  4. Is official i have a permit to drive omg i feel so blessed <3

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    2. Heisenberg2
    3. analee02



    4. latinagirl


      sorry guys for not replying sooner and no i didnt get my permit right away he told me it can take weeks up to months hopefully only weeks for now i have this letter with my license number :) good luck to you guys on your next step!!

  5. i been to the dmv 2 times and i fail the test for permit to drive so i made a 3rd appoinment for june 05 at 8:10 am i hope i pass it im soooo nervous

    1. Amber


      Hey that's my Bday :) GoodlLuck, are u trying to pass the written part?

    2. Amber


      Oh duh "permit to drive" Lol what have u been using to study? I used some websites that were really helpful

    3. Rawf


      Well study, then make an appointment. Don't make an appointment if you haven't read the drivers manual.

  6. Laste omg this is crazyyyy is been so long and you just now recieved a RFE !!! I hope they ask for something simple and your able to send it asp good luck to you and please keep me updated of your case!!!
  7. hi is unbelievable the things they tell you when you call me personally i call so many times and i can tell you that the senseless thing they tell you are crazy how about they told me when i call when it was 5 months of my application that there was an officer been assign to my case !! or that they were still review application of July 2012 and i can go on and on because i used to call one a week and finally after 6 months a half i got approved trust me if you hang in there and when you call you get a nice representative you will get to talk to a level 2 officer or representative and he or she would be nice enough to tell you a bit more about your case
  8. Daca Case Reopened??

    wow i never seen this message before ! please keep us updated!1 and i hope everything is ok
  9. hopefully i get to go the DMV soon !!

  10. About The Driver License !!

    quick question guys because im still not sure in order for me to go to the DMV and take the test for the restricted license do I have to complete the drug and alcohol test of for 4 hours online and then bring it with me to the DMV when im ready to take the test? thank you so much for the help!
  11. Permit To Drive!!

    lol thank you very much for the advice and i think i just have to study a bit more because i did the test online for the signs and i got 19 out of 20 but in the other one i got 12 out 20 then i did it again and i got 16 out of 20 the second one i did it with the help of my husband !! one more question guys the test for drug and subtance abuse do i need that in order to obtain the permit ?
  12. Permit To Drive!!

    Hello guys I'm currently studying the book for the driver license and i have to say for somebody like me that has never drove before omg it looks so difficult if you guys can share your experience regarding a driver license driving for the first time etc. thank you guys. if you guys can tell me more like when did you guys book the appoinment , how long did it take (how many days after you book the appoinment and so on)
  13. so happy after 19 days of waiting my social security card is here :) thank god!!

  14. is been 2 weeks i been waiting on my social security the letter they gave me says it can take up to 4 weeks !!

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    2. skootA


      u need for job or some thing ? or u just want it

    3. latinagirl


      thank you jose and yes i did read that on the paper :) and thank you i know it can come any day now i hope so :)

    4. latinagirl


      skoota i just want to go and get an id and next the license :)

  15. waiting on my social security # is been 1 week and 2 days :) any day now!!