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  1. finally approved =] im in tearssssss of joy=]] omygodddddddd =]]
  2. Approved!

    i received my RFE, On Feb 14, ..... i forgot to answer 1question on the app!! the one that asked if i had been Arrested wich is yes =[ back in school... for fightiing.... so I marked (yes) and sent back all those records.... and i also wrote them a letter xplaining how it happend ,,,,,because it wasnt really my fault... i was being bullied... but i was the one to hit first soo yeaa, aniways,,,, how long is the wait after they get my response? they recieved my package today/.
  3. Approved!

    thank you so much for lifting my hopes=]] they sent me the rfe on feb 8th todays the 18th and i still havent received my notice='( i just called them they said to wait till the 24th ...=[ d u know how long it takes>/ im frm florida.... adn my case is in the nebraska
  4. Approved!

    ups* feb 4*****
  5. Approved!

    ok so i did what you said,,,, and it worked=]] on feb 8 i did the E.request,,,, 2days later i called them and they said that i should get an update withing 15days.... 2days later i got an email saying that they mailed me a RFE =[ so here iam heart broken waiting for the RFE i just hope the ask for somenthing eazy cuz i dont have anything else=/. aniways thank u so much for ur help=]]
  6. Approved!

    hello,well i did what you said... and it worked , buttttt, i got an RFE =[ it should e here on tuesday ... im freaking out Becauseit ididnt send much stuff for 2008. because i was a teen back then nothing was under my name.
  7. 14 Months And Still Nothing

    hola, suarez, how did you do your service request? ihv been waiting since april 2013..... i was wondering who did you conctact to speed up the process?> im from florida,,, governor rick scott is againts immigrants so i cant really ask him for help. =/.
  8. Quetion?

    awwww thank you for lifting my spirit =]]
  9. Quetion?

    omg reallyyyyyyyyyyyy... well congratsssssss ...... ihope i get approved this week too.
  10. Quetion?

    hi guys, ...... so i just got a text/email i recieved 2 diferent emails , both of them says, ___YOUR NAME HAS BEEN UPDATED...... ........ .... I was wondering if anybody knows what it means? ohh and my case stills n Initial review!
  11. New Update Can Someone Help Me Plz

    i just got the same email today!! did you end up getting an rfe or did you get approved? please let me know
  12. Approvada Al Fin!

    qe emocioante felizidadez!!!!
  13. Please Help Me,

    i received the email yesterday, ------> USCIS Acceptance Confirmati on: and yay!! im so freaking happy, ;D thank you guys for the feedback
  14. Please Help Me,

    lmao hahaha!! seriosuly tho after this daca thing you should really consider laws !! your good you always answer our quuestions so thanksz !!