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  1. Approved... Yes!

  2. Approved Approved Approved:d

    Yay congrats!!!!
  3. Checked My Status And Im Finally Approved

    Niceee!!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Permit To Drive!!

    Hi latinagirl! I'm not sure how it works in Florida, but in Massachusetts, you go to the rmv and there's no need for booking an appointment because when you go, they give you a number and you have to wait for it to be called. Then, when it's called, you go take the written test, and if you pass, they print a permit for you! Driving is not that hard, trust me! Once you get comfortable with the basics of driving, then you can go out on the road. Just make sure you always use all of your mirrors, always make sure you're keeping the speed limit, always pay attention to the road, and watch out for other drivers. Don't assume their actions. Always be a defensive driver. Again, it's not as hard as it seems. It comes naturally to you the more you practice and it's fun!! As far as getting a license goes, in MA, all you have to do is a road test after getting the permit and I've heard that it's pretty simple and that the only thing that can get in your way is yourself. People get too nervous, but if you stay calm, you should be fine! Good luck with your test!!
  5. don't be jealous of my boogie ;)

    1. Heisenberg2


      is your boogie nice lol ?

    2. christmastree77


      Hahaha i guess you could say so!

  6. Applied In October Now I'm Approved "drake Voice"

  7. I Got My Card Today!

  8. Depression

    I hope that you get approved soon so that you're not so stressed. I know a few people who are going through depression and it's tough, so I hope it doesn't go on much longer.
  9. super happy that boston fbi and state police finally caught the bomber (forgot his name)

  10. Got my social security card in the mail today and decided to go do my permit test. It was so scary though because I almost failed! I prayed so hard while i was testing!! I didn't want to make my mom spend another $30 on another test! So happy!

  11. Approved!!!!!!

  12. Just Got Approved!

  13. Approved!!! Case Transfer From Vermont To Nebraska!!!!

  14. Ssn Question

    Thanks for all the feedback!!!