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  1. Social Securty Diffrent??

    Mines starts with a 0
  2. Hiii guys !! I haven't post on a while.. I been so busy getting my ss number and today I got my license ..I'm so happy!!! Good luck if you still waiting

  3. I got my EAD card today!!!

    1. erika020


      yay! congrats! :)

    2. franklin.m


      about timeeeee congrats

    3. engineer2mike


      WUU!!WHOO!! Congrats!!!:)

  4. thank you god!!! thank you guys!!!!.....after so much stressed I'm finally approved

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    2. engineer2mike


      Finally!!! Congrats!!!

    3. Fresita22


      Omg congratz i cant stop crying this is so exciting

    4. latinagirl



  5. guys uscis just received my response for the rfe....please pray for my case to be approved I really need this thank you!!

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    2. engineer2mike


      Good Luck Girl :)!!!!

    3. LALY86


      good luck!

    4. dreamer123


      congrats! They took a long time on your case but I'm glad it's moving.

  6. Depression

    Thanks for your words amor...it was just very dissapointing finding out about my lawyer not sending my stuff like he should. ..and all my friends getting approved while I got screwed by this lawyer. It hit me all at once and I felt helpless. .I'm a strong person and ill keep my head up high
  7. Depression

    Thank you guys!! I'm trying to be calm
  8. Depression

    so I noticed getting sick since I found out about my lawyers unproffesional work with my daca application..I been way too stressed getting stuffs together from scratch for him to send back with my rfe....I know I should get my self together and be strong for me and my family but this has affected me way too much...I started with not being able to sleep to nightmares then thinking too much about my application then migraines....all of a sudden I'm all tired...sleepy. ..I'm not hungry...and I feel sick. ..I wish all tgis was over
  9. Paystubs As Evidence

    Santi does it have to be from every single month ??
  10. Paystubs As Evidence

    I won't be using them...you think a letter from my old job will work as proof of working there? ?
  11. Paystubs As Evidence

    Okay thank you..I got a rfe and I'm trying to send back as much evidence! ! I won't use the paystubs then
  12. Anyone included paystubs as evidence even though it has a fake social security number? ??
  13. So after a stressfull week not knowing where the rfe letter uscis sent was...my lawyer finally found it...before he sent my application I took him three folders of evidence. ..which he never add to my application. .apparantly he only sent basic information..so there you go I need more evidence for 2007/3008/2010/2011..I have a lot of papers..can someone help me with ideas of what important papers to send??? And can I send originals or they have to be copies???? And do they have to be for every single month in order??? Please help!!!???
  14. My Attorney Screwed My Case

    I told him that my case will be denied fir his mistake and all he say was that if it was to be denied he will adk for an extension to have more time tosend uscis what they need ...like NOOO...I don't want my case extended I want it cleared now!!