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  1. I got my EAD today best way to start my weekend. Yayyy! :)

  2. Approved!!!

    Thank you!! And no didn't recieved a RFE I send my application oct 26
  3. Approved!!!

    I got approved yesterday!! how long will it take to get my permint???
  4. I got approved today guys I'm so happy!!!!!! Finally after almost 7 months of waiting thank god this couldn't of came at a better time .

  5. Going on 7 months :'(

    1. Sebarmas91


      Me too :(

      App sent 08/29/12

      Bios 09/24/12

      Still waiting :/

  6. I need my approval more than anything now! Please god help me get through this

    1. sotero_gonzalez


      Same here. I'm about to loose my job in june if I don't get it.

    2. misaelfromnc


      well all need it ... im about to get married and it sucks knowing that if i dont get it i have fewer opportunites to provide for my wife.

    3. B3autifulxNightmar3


      I dont think i can be patient anymore....ive been to long and im still under freaking Initial Review..i dont know why they just cant move on with life and approve us..

  7. Help Please

    Its not an excuse what's so ever I would love to work to save money for my baby but it will be hard to find a job they always ask for experience and I have no experience now me being pregnant I know it will be another obstacle plus who knows when I'll get approve its been 6 months since I applied and still nothing but thanks hopefully it doesn't affect my case. Thank you!! That's exactly what I'm gonna do
  8. Help Please

    Good morning everyone yesterday I found out that I am pregnant I'm very excited but at the same time really scared I was just wondering if that would affect me with my case because now that I'm pregnant Im not going to be able to work cos no one is gonna hire a pregnant girl lol and also I had plans to go to college but all that's gonna have to wait till after I have my baby do you guys think that will affect my case because I know there giving us his opportunity so we can work and go to school and have a better life I'm just a bit scared it will affect it because I won't be able to do any of that for at least a year. Can someone please help me thank u
  9. still on initail review uggghhhhhhh cryingggg :(

    1. Santi


      I suggest that you stop checking your status...it is not helping your anxiety...read a book, play video games, walk, exercise...keep your mind occupied...I know it is hard, but it is better than recurring disappointment...it will arrive when you least expect it :)

    2. Karry Perez

      Karry Perez

      I've done that for the past 6 months :/ but thank you I hope I get approved soon! :)

    3. GcG


      Agreed with Santi, I never checked on my status at all knowing I would just get frustrated and angry. It's a long hard wait but you'll get it :)

  10. I want my approval :(((((((((((

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    2. Karry Perez

      Karry Perez

      Me too guys!! I'm going crazy :(

    3. msminci
    4. chrzt1an


      its coming. i remember January felt like the longest month.

  11. There's been a lot of approvals lately I hope I get approved soon it's been 6 months 1 week since they recieved my application I really need this my lifes been on hold for a year already! Please god only you know how much I need this..

  12. Please let today be the day I get approved! :)

  13. How Long Have You Been Waiting

    Yeah this sucks. I wonder what's taking so longggg
  14. Yeah you should that. But there probably just gonna tell you to wait that's what they been tell me :/