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  1. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something. "Henry Ford"

  2. I got pulled over once. For not havin my back plate illuminated. Got my car impounded and payed over 1000 in fines with court and tow yard.fucking sucked. Second time I crashed trying to avoid hitting a car in front of me. With the middle divider. When cops arrived they ask for license. And since I was not under the influence that's all they charged with. Driving with out a DL. And of course my crashed car was impounded again. I now drive a Honda civic with out worrys about getting my car impounded xD
  3. My Name Is Christian

    Thank you both. Yes time for money and time to move forward. Have you guys gotten jobs?
  4. My Name Is Christian

    So I got a job, at pepboys as a Mechanic xD
  5. Thanking God Almighty

    Gracias a Dios!
  6. Hello, Just Introducing Myself

    You send it off, on my birthday may11
  7. My Name Is Christian

    I was mad, and very young. Who would of known.
  8. After Receiving The Notice

    ive lost mine too. and went and got a passport right away ')
  9. Hey Dreamers With Misdemeanors

    from what i know it stays in your record for life. smh misdemeanor. over not having a license. well atlease i wont have to worry about that any more.
  10. My Story

    congrats man, are you a mechanic?
  11. if God has an iPod I'd be on his playlist.

  12. be really careful applying for jobs. and when asked if you have felony's or misdemeanors make sure you put them down, i just got rejected for having a misdemeanor driving with out a license last year. A criminal offense can be expunged under certain circumstances. and state. just a heads up. and remember getting DACA approved is not over. rather than the start.
  13. Job Searching and more...

    i been aplying at many places. and man its so hard. to get hired. i wonder if its because my ssl its so new. i mean anything else its great.
  14. i can relate. right after high school, i got offered to go to school for graphic design in LA art school. but was not able to since i had no ssl. only god knows why